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IWBI Launches “Works With WELL” Product Trademark Program

Last week, the International WELL Building Institute (IWBI) unveiled the Works with WELL Program, a new product licensing opportunity designed to help product manufacturers validate and showcase how their products align with the WELL Building Standard, based on IWBI licensing criteria. Nearly 40 early-adopting companies have enrolled more than 1,000 products in the new program. To earn [...]


Profound Relationship Discovered Between Light Polarization & Entanglement

  New research by Assistant Professor of Physics Xiao-Feng Qian, at the Stevens Institute of Technology has linked two separate fields of physics: Coherence Optics and Classical Mechanics. It introduces a universal relationship between the polarization of light and its entanglement properties. A new quantitative relationship between certain quantum properties of light are connected and [...]

Lighting Industry

Amazon Eliminating Private Brands For Lighting

Amazon.com announced in August that it is eliminating 27 of its 30 private label brands across home goods and apparel. Amazon Basics and Amazon Essentials will continue with opening price point apparel. The two Amazon private brands that offered residential lighting were Stone & Beam and Rivet. One published report said both of these private [...]

Light + Health

Research Shows Benefits Of WELL Building Certification

  The largest peer-reviewed study to date links WELL Certification with improved worker productivity, health, and creativity. Earlier this month, the study was published in Building & Environment and found that WELL Certified building occupants reported higher performing workplaces compared with non-certified building occupant responses. The researchers found that employee satisfaction across various building aspects [...]

Construction + Economy

Existing Home Sales Drop 21% YOY

  The number of existing homes sold, from January through August of this year, dropped 21% compared with the same period last year. And that’s on top of an 18% decline last year from two years ago. The data is from the National Association of Realtors (NAR). For the month of August, home sales fell [...]

Products + Technology

Product Monday: Barz + Brilliance By USG Ceilings Plus

  The ceiling systems industry has been gradually integrating LED lighting for some time. Now they are taking it to new heights (pun intended). Barz® + Brilliance™ is a single comprehensive linear solution from USG Ceilings Plus, with integrated lighting that is fully customizable. It’s a high-end custom solution offering static and color-tunable lighting features, [...]

Lighting Industry, Products + Technology

RGBW Product Line Acquisition Opportunity

An RGBW product line with brand name recognition and consisting of a family of LED RGBW Downlight, Flood, and Facade products, and related controls is being offered for acquisition. The technology delivers fine-tuned pastel colors and saturated hues without sacrificing illumination brightness. This RGBW business unit was acquired in Q1, 2022 by a custom linear lighting company. Subsequently, with [...]

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More Industries Adopting “China+1” Risk Management Strategy

  I’ve previously written several posts on the reduction of trade between the US and China. This is largely caused by the escalating and evolving trade war. Companies in a growing number of industries are managing Chinese sourcing risk by adopting the stragegy of diversifying their supply chain to include China plus another source outside [...]

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Freight Costs Are Rising Again

  The economic rebound from the pandemic created a chaotic freight nightmare. Those days are behind us, but new factors are beginning to drive freight costs back up again, both for bringing goods in from Asia to the US, as well as sending freight within the US. Here are some causes: Labor – The feared [...]

Controls, Lighting Industry

Autani Merges With LiteTrace

  Today, Autani, a leading provider of advanced building automation and energy management solutions, and LiteTrace, a pioneer in Bluetooth® lighting control solutions, announced their merger to create a global leader in smart commercial building technologies and energy optimization. The merger combines Autani’s award-winning building automation platform and LiteTrace’s innovative Keilton brand of Bluetooth mesh [...]


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