Lighting Design

Lighting Design

Elevating Your Brand Through Strategic Design

By Sanjit Bahra, Principal and Founder of DesignPlusLight Understanding human emotions and how they drive our decision-making is key to creating a successful hospitality brand. When we walk into a space, all of our senses are activated, and we make judgements using our senses. With human beings, 60% of the neocortex (perception part of the [...]

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Problems With Photometric Files – A Guide By 42 Partners Ltd

By The LIA & 42 Partners ltd A lot of photometric data in the form of LDT and IES files pass across our desks, the majority of them are problematic. Lighting designers use advanced tools like Relux and Dialux to produce incredibly detailed lighting designs with near photorealistic renderings of the lighting effects. They use [...]

Lighting Design

How Hybrid Work Is Impacting Office Design

  After the COVID-19 pandemic, most people don’t just work from home, nor just work from the office. The new normal is hybrid work, a combination of working from home and the office. This significant change in work behavior is impacting the design of office spaces. There is much more emphasis on collaboration spaces, as [...]

Lighting Design

Project Spotlight: Ling Ling Dubai

By Georgia Christley, Office & Marketing Manager, FPOV Project Basics Ling Ling Dubai, a high-end dining and nightlife venue, is located within the luxurious Atlantis The Royal Resort in Dubai, UAE. Spanning approximately 12,000 square feet, Ling Ling Dubai offers a sophisticated blend of Asian cuisine and chic nightlife, creating an immersive experience that goes [...]

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Trends In Ceiling Lighting

  By Namrata Naidu, Digital Marketing Team, Comet Lighting Ceiling lighting plays a pivotal role in any architectural or interior design project. It sets the mood, illuminates spaces, and even contributes to a building’s energy efficiency. Ceiling lighting has seen significant advancements, creating a broad range of innovative solutions. This post will examine the latest [...]

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Interior Designers Debate The “Big Light” On TikTok

  A viral debate has erupted on TikTok between interior designers and whether there should be an end to the “big light,” a phrase for any overhead or ceiling light. With the rise of more indirect, portable, accent, and task lighting, softer ambient lighting options are available without the central ceiling light. An article by [...]

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Indications That 3 Degree Beam Angle LED Lights Are Coming

  The LED lighting revolution has been remarkable, but one of the areas where LED technology has struggled to match legacy sources is ultra-narrow beam angles. Halogen, plasma, and lasers were more ideal point sources for ultra-narrow spotlights. For a time, LED could only get down to about 20o beam angles, and more recently 10o [...]

Lighting Design

10 Trends In Landscape Lighting

The following 10 trends in landscape lighting have been compiled from multiple sources. All of these lighting trends can be applied to commercial as well as residential landscapes. Linear Lighting Linear strip lights can be applied to the bottom edge of an overhanging step tread or integrated into hardscape materials. They enhance safe mobility and [...]

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Lighting Upgrades For 66 Major & Minor League Baseball Parks

  Over the past six years, both major and minor league baseball stadiums have been getting lighting upgrades to meet newer MLB lighting standards that also apply to the minor league parks (MiLB). To-date, more than 50 Minor League stadiums, and 16 Major League ballparks have upgraded to LED lighting that meets the MLB lighting [...]

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Tweener: Eliminating Poles From Tennis Court Lighting

  A fun find at LEDucation was Tweener. As I walked by their table, I looked over for the one-second scan to put them in a category, and I was stumped. I had to stop and hear the pitch. Tweener is an alternative way to light tennis and pickleball courts. It uses linear LED fixtures [...]


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