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More LED Chip Manufacturers Producing Laser Diodes

A few LED chip manufacturers have produced laser diodes for some time, including: Nichia, Ushio, and the Soraa Inc spin out SLD Laser that was later acquired by Kyocera and rebranded Kyocera SLD Laser. The most recent example is Luminus Devices. On January 30th, 2024, Luminus Devices announced the launch of green and blue laser [...]

Lighting Industry, Products + Technology

E Ink Display Trends That Could Impact Lighting

  There are a several E Ink trends in the display industry that could have implications for lighting:  Smart Surfaces Sustainable Product Development and Environmental Impact Incorporation of signage into Smart Cities. Smart Surfaces Displays of the future will personalize, customize, and provide information on top of other surfaces, making surfaces “intelligent” (or at least [...]

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Coastal Source “Launches” Impressive Products At Kennedy Space Center

  Coastal Source may be an unfamiliar brand to many people in the general lighting industry. LightNOW is pleased to be among the first lighting publications to get an inside look at their new products and to share the company’s story with our readers. Coastal Source is a unique outdoor lighting & audio speaker system [...]

Dark Sky, Legislation + Regulation

Illinois Legislature Introduces Outdoor Lighting Control Act SB3501

  On February 9th, 2024, a bill was introduced into the Illinois legislature, the “Outdoor Lighting Control Act”, SB3501. The bill includes legislative findings, defines terms, and provides that all new, renovated, or retrofitted luminaires purchased with State funds after the effective date of the Act or installed after the effective date of the Act [...]

Dark Sky, Research

Researchers Find Red Lights Outdoors For Wildlife Protection Comes With Potential Risks

Research was published January 20, 2024, in the journal Lighting Research & Technology, about the potential benefits and risks of using red lights outdoors at night to reduce light pollution and its impacts on wildlife and humans. The paper is titled, Red light to mitigate light pollution: Is it possible to balance functionality and ecological [...]

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A Summary Of WELL Building Standard Version 2.0 Lighting Requirements

Here is a summary of the WELL Building Standard Version 2.0 Lighting Requirements: Feature L01: Light Exposure – Provide indoor light exposure through daylight and electric light strategies. Option 1: Daylight simulation The project demonstrates, through computer simulations, that one of the following conditions are achievedOption 2: Interior layout One of the following requirements is [...]

Legislation + Regulation, Lighting Industry

Louisiana Approves First State-Wide Energy Efficiency Program In Southeast

Louisiana’s utility regulators, the Louisiana Public Service Commission, voted in late January to approve creation of the first state-wide, independent, energy efficiency program in the Southeast U.S. The program will have a mission to reduce energy usage and energy bills for both homes and businesses across the state. Measures can include things like insulating buildings, [...]

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IR Lasers Link 9,000 Starlink Satellites And Move 42 Million GB Per Day

SpaceX’s Starlink satellite internet constellation now has over 9,000 communications satellites in low Earth orbit (LEO). The satellites form an enormous mesh network utilizing infrared lasers that share information across space, between satellites, known as inter-satellite laser communication. The inter-satellite system achieves a bandwidth of 42 petabytes (PB) per day, which equals 42 million gigabytes [...]

Codes + Standards, Controls

Wi-Fi HaLow Is Ready For Low-Power IoT

  The Wireless Broadband Alliance (WBA) has announced that Wi-Fi HaLow is ready for smart home and commercial IoT deployments across a range of verticals and use cases. Wi-Fi HaLow is designed for long-range and low-power connectivity and is based on the 802.11ah standard. The WBA has released a white paper that provides an overview [...]


Enormous New EV Charging Network, IONNA, Announced By 7 Automakers

IONNA is a new joint venture founded by BMW, General Motors, Honda, Hyundai, Kia, Mercedes-Benz, and Stellantis. The seven automakers received regulator approval and announced the new IONNA charging network, last week. The network is being modeled on the successful European network named Ionity. The plan is to have at least 30,000 new EV chargers [...]


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