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The Latest On Temporal Light Modulation (TLM) / Flicker

The American Lighting Association Engineering Committee recently received a presentation from the “Flicker Queen,” researcher Naomi Miller, at Pacific Northwest National Laboratory (PNNL). Ms. Miller provided a summary of her latest research at PNNL on temporal light modulation (TLM), more commonly known as flicker. She and PNNL colleagues completed a human subjects study on the [...]

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USTR Releases Four-year Review of Section 301 Tariffs

  By Michael Weems, VP of Public Policy, American Lighting Association  What You Need to Know:  Increased prices, as a result of the Section 301 tariffs on product coming from China, are here to stay and new tariffs are on the way. The Office of the United States Trade Representative (USTR) recently released the long-awaited [...]

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Deep & Narrow Targeting of Workflows is AI’s Next Frontier

Some experts are predicting that AI will evolve away from a general prompt bot exemplified by OpenAI’s ChatGBT or Google’s Gemini, and take over highly specialized corporate workflows as the next phase of AI. This next phase of AI will go very deep and narrow. Here is an example: Typeface Arc A startup named Typeface [...]

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The Fast Growing Business Of Holiday Lights Installation

  The holiday light installation industry began with lawn care businesses and local electricians looking to make some extra money installing holiday lights, before the holidays. It’s now becoming a fast growing, mature industry. Existing service businesses that add holiday light services see profit margins from 25-45%, while primary lawn care service profit margin may [...]

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Trends In Ceiling Lighting

  By Namrata Naidu, Digital Marketing Team, Comet Lighting Ceiling lighting plays a pivotal role in any architectural or interior design project. It sets the mood, illuminates spaces, and even contributes to a building’s energy efficiency. Ceiling lighting has seen significant advancements, creating a broad range of innovative solutions. This post will examine the latest [...]

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New Discovery: Visible Light Evaporates Water

  MIT researchers have just demonstrated that temperature is not the only energy driving water evaporation. The team discovered that visible light can create water evaporation. This fact was not previously known. The discovery could solve unanswered atmospheric questions and lead to new technology advances. Although water is almost transparent to visible light, the team [...]

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Q1 2024 Acquisitions

  Here is a quick summary of 11 acquisitions and one manufacturer closure, in the first quarter of 2024: Kuzco Group acquired Auroralight. Details here. AMS Technologies acquired newLASE. Details here. Meyers EPS acquired Storage Power Solutions (energy storage manufacturer). Details here. Legrand acquired ZPE Systems, Inc. Details here. Environ Energy acquired Prism Energy Services [...]

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Two EV Charger Trade Shows…Where Are Lighting Manufacturers?

Much has been written about the numerous lighting manufacturers that have expanded into EV chargers. A few examples include: Espen Technology, Light Efficient Design, Leviton, and LEDVANCE. So what are the tradeshows for the EV charger industry? One is EV & Charging Expo 2024, held in Toronto, Ontario, Canada, today and tomorrow. This show is [...]

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Trouble Arrives In The Multifamily Real Estate Market

In late January, LightNOW posted about signs of trouble ahead for the Multifamily real estate market. There are now indications that trouble has arrived. Apartment loans at least 30 days past due or in non-accrual have jumped 81%. Banks are increasingly taking losses on apartment loans. This will likely lead to distressed selling, as well [...]

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7 Ways To Grow Your Commercial Lighting Business

  Here are 7 time-tested approaches to growing a commercial lighting business: Create a go-to-market plan to add a new product category, service, or to expand into a new channel of distribution. Try lead generation (lead gen) using digital automation. Produce a monthly press release and distribute it to your primary customer trade press. Produce [...]


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