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Lighting and Innovation – Part One Of A Three-Part Series

By Clifton Stanley Lemon Series Description In the lighting industry, we suffer from a collective lapse of imagination – where are the real innovations driven by the most compelling capabilities of SSL? We’re still chasing energy efficiency even though lighting long ago became by far the most energy-efficient of all building systems. We have a [...]

Lighting Industry

2023 Commercial Lighting Rebate Trends

2023 is generally looking to be a good year for commercial lighting rebates, according to BrightSwitch. Here are the top trends that they see for 2023: Over 3/4 of the US has a commercial lighting rebate program. No dramatic change here. The most dramatic change is for rebates on general service lamps, such as A-19 [...]

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Color-Changing LED & Projectors Embraced By Churches

A.C. Lighting, Inc., an entertainment lighting value-added distributor, recently published an article about immersive color in houses of worship. Historically, houses of worship have used stained glass to wash a nave, sanctuary, or chapel with colorful light and to tell religious stories at the same time. Today, contemporary churches are accomplishing this with color-changing LED [...]

Lighting Industry

What Ever Happened To Lighting Science Group?

I recently did a web search for GroAdvisors, one of the subsidiaries of Lighting Science Group Corporation (LSGC), and found their website was replaced with a 404 error message. I remember the big news in December 2021 when Healthe filed for bankruptcy, but those news stories never mentioned LSGC, nor any of its subsidiaries. I [...]

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Some Decorative LED Lamps Won’t Meet DOE Proposed GSL Standard

On December 22nd, I published a story about the U.S. DOE’s proposal to significantly increase general service lamp (GSL) efficacy requirements, here. I’ve since learned that many manufacturers of lamps and luminaires, in the decorative lighting industry, are concerned about certain classes of LED lamps that won’t meet the proposed new federal standard. At issue [...]

Legislation + Regulation, Lighting Industry

US FTC Proposes Lighting Facts Label Changes

The U.S. Federal Trade Commission (FTC) proposed to expand the types of lamps that are required to display the Lighting Facts Label. The Advance Notice of Proposed Rulemaking (ANPR) specifically proposes to add: Lower-brightness lamps (light bulbs) that are not regulated by US DOE. These are lamps below 310 lumens and 30 watts. “Any other [...]

Legislation + Regulation, Lighting Industry

California CEC Proposes The Repeal Of Portable Luminaire Title 20 Requirements

The California Energy Commission (CEC) has formally proposed to end Title 20 regulations on portable luminaires. CEC has issued Notice of Proposed Action (NOPA) for the Repeal of Portable Luminaires Rulemaking, TN # 247747. Portable luminaires include wall plug products like table lamps and desk lamps. The CEC proposes to repeal standards for this appliance [...]

Legislation + Regulation, Lighting Industry

What To Know About Right To Repair

Some in the lighting industry are concerned and closely following both state and federal policy efforts known as Right to Repair. The original motivation is over the right to repair consumer electronic devices and farm equipment. The lighting industry is concerned that proposed state and federal policy proposals might create unintended, burdensome requirements on the [...]

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Freight Rates Expected To Drop In 2023

Sea, air, and trucking models all predict dropping freight volumes in 2023, which would lead to lower shipping costs and could make some goods more affordable. This is according to a trio of forecasts released last month. Those three forecasts found a “severe rate of contraction” in transportation prices measured in November, according to the Logistics Managers’ [...]

Lighting Industry, Products + Technology

Chinese Factories’ Output Declining Due To COVID Surge

Factory activity in China is expected to show extended declines in December, according to a Reuters poll, as the end of the country’s “zero-COVID” policy and rising infections began to affect production lines. Some analysts anticipate labor shortages and increased supply chain disruptions. Fears of a global recession due to rising interest rates, inflation, and the [...]


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