Lighting Industry, Research

The Latest On Temporal Light Modulation (TLM) / Flicker

The American Lighting Association Engineering Committee recently received a presentation from the “Flicker Queen,” researcher Naomi Miller, at Pacific Northwest National Laboratory (PNNL). Ms. Miller provided a summary of her latest research at PNNL on temporal light modulation (TLM), more commonly known as flicker. She and PNNL colleagues completed a human subjects study on the [...]

Products + Technology, Research

A Greener Twist On Light Transmitting Concrete

In March of 2023, LightNOW posted about translucent concrete. Today’s story is about a new translucent concrete made with recycled glass instead of optical fibers, fly ash, metallurgical slag, and water filtration sewage sludge to eliminate all cement from the concrete. Using all of these industrial waste materials makes the product extremely green and lower [...]

Products + Technology, Research

Look Out Graphene, Other 2D Nanosheets Are In Development

Graphene has long been hailed as the greatest material discovery with limitless potential. The reality is that graphene has seen some limited applications in electronics, solar panels, displays, clothing, helmets, bullet-proof armor, aircrafts, and shoes. I’ve written about graphene’s emergence in luminaire heat sinks and housings here. There are two new nanomaterial sheets making headlines: [...]

Dark Sky, Research

Researchers Find Red Lights Outdoors For Wildlife Protection Comes With Potential Risks

Research was published January 20, 2024, in the journal Lighting Research & Technology, about the potential benefits and risks of using red lights outdoors at night to reduce light pollution and its impacts on wildlife and humans. The paper is titled, Red light to mitigate light pollution: Is it possible to balance functionality and ecological [...]

Agriculture, Research

New Vertical Farming BioTech Grows Plants In The Dark

  Square Roots, a controlled environment agriculture (CEA) startup, recently introduced a groundbreaking program supported by the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation. The program aims to demonstrate the feasibility of removing light from commercial indoor vertical farming by utilizing gene-edited (CRISPR) plants that grow heterotrophically. These plants can add biomass through carbon uptake from acetate [...]

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Researchers Demonstrate RGB OLED LiFi

South Korean researchers have demonstrated a new approach to LiFi using a red, green, and blue (RGB) OLED array. The Pohang University of Science and Technology team utilized an organic photodiode (OPD) array as the receiver. Their study was published October 19, 2023, in the publication, Advanced Materials. The new approach to LiFi reduced interference [...]

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DOE Lighting R&D Program Has Two Open Funding Opportunities

The U.S. DOE Lighting R&D Program has two open funding opportunities: The SBIR Program is looking to fund development of Advanced Lighting Fixtures, horticultural lighting, and germicidal UV solutions. Letters of intent for the SBIR are due Jan. 3. The DOE also has the BENEFIT FOA with concept papers due 12/18/23. SBIR link. The BENEFIT FOA [...]

Energy + Environment, Research

New Glass Could Cut Embodied Carbon By Half And Is 10X Stronger

  LightNOW has recently covered advances in green aluminum, copper, and textiles. There has now been a large advancement in creating more environmentally friendly glass. Researchers at Penn State University have created what they’re calling LionGlass, a new type of glass that cuts the carbon footprint in half and increases the strength by ten fold. [...]

Awards, Research

Nobel Prizes In Both Physics & Chemistry Involve Light & Quantum Mechanics

The Nobel Prizes awarded, this month, in both Chemistry and Physics had some things in common. Both involved scientific breakthroughs involving light, as well as distance scales so small that quantum mechanical behavior is essential to understand the science. Moungi G. Bawendi, Louis E. Brus and Alexei I. Ekimov were awarded the Nobel Prize in [...]


Profound Relationship Discovered Between Light Polarization & Entanglement

  New research by Assistant Professor of Physics Xiao-Feng Qian, at the Stevens Institute of Technology has linked two separate fields of physics: Coherence Optics and Classical Mechanics. It introduces a universal relationship between the polarization of light and its entanglement properties. A new quantitative relationship between certain quantum properties of light are connected and [...]


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