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Construction + Economy, Lighting Industry

Freight Rates Expected To Drop In 2023

Sea, air, and trucking models all predict dropping freight volumes in 2023, which would lead to lower shipping costs and could make some goods more affordable. This is according to a trio of forecasts released last month. Those three forecasts found a “severe rate of contraction” in transportation prices measured in November, according to the Logistics Managers’ [...]

Construction + Economy, Lighting Industry

What You Should Know About Quiet Hiring

Both business owners and employees should be aware of the new HR trend called “quiet hiring.” Quiet hiring is when an organization acquires new skills without hiring new full-time employees. Sometimes, it means hiring short-term contractors (external quiet hiring). Other times, it means encouraging current employees to move into new or additional roles within the organization [...]

Construction + Economy

2023 Economic Forecast

Very happy new year, and thank you for being a LightNOW reader. To create a summary of the 2023 economic outlook, I’ve reviewed several forecasts, both from inside the electrical industry and beyond. Here is my summary: Nonresidential Construction: AIA’s consensus forecast for the 2023 nonresidential construction market calls for a 6% increase. 7% increase [...]

Construction + Economy, Lighting Industry

China Cancels Entry Restrictions Under New 0+3 Policy

China has canceled its harsh entry restrictions that were part of its Zero Covid policy. The new policy is called the “0+3” policy. Mainland China is expected to be fully open to entry on January 9, the start date of the new “0+3” policy. Overseas visitors to China will only need to quarantine for 3 days, and will no longer need [...]

Construction + Economy, Lighting Industry

Infrastructure Law & Construction Safety To Spur The Mobile Light Tower Market

One year ago, the Federal Infrastructure Law was passed by Congress and signed by President Biden. One expected result is significant growth in the mobile light tower market. In a recent market research report from Allied Market Research, the global mobile light tower market size was valued at $1.9 Billion in 2021, and is projected [...]

Construction + Economy, Lighting Industry

Southern California Shipping Port Backlogs Gone; East & Gulf Ports Backlogged

The backup of container ships off the Ports of Los Angeles and Long Beach, CA was one the biggest sources of U.S. supply chain congestion during the COVID-19 pandemic and a contributor to inflation. Now, though, it’s over, thanks to a drastic decline in import demand nationally.

Construction + Economy, Lighting Industry

The Traditional Office Is Rapidly Being Replaced By Co-Working Spaces

A previous LightNOW post discussed the shift of offices from downtowns to suburbs, a significant reduction in downtown office occupancy, and the conversion of office buildings to residential use. There is another significant trend in office spaces. 39% of prospective office tenants report they either already use co-working spaces or are considering using co-working space solutions for their employees.

Construction + Economy, Lighting Industry

Lighting Industry Grew High Single Digits In Q3 But Will Slow To Low Single Digit Growth

Channel Marketing Group’s Q3 Pulse of Lighting survey was completed by 200 distributors, manufacturers, reps, and lighting agents.

Construction + Economy

City Downtowns Evolving Away From Office Use….What’s Next?

The pandemic has changed office work in many ways. Companies that are creating new offices are doing so predominantly in suburbs now, rather than downtowns. Many companies and industries have accepted hybrid and remote work arrangements, dramatically reducing the need for office space altogether.

Construction + Economy, Energy + Environment

Clean Energy Technologies Expected To Create Copper Shortages

Recent climate action is going to increase clean energy technology deployment that will significantly increase copper demand.


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