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Products + Technology

Products + Technology

More LED Chip Manufacturers Producing Laser Diodes

A few LED chip manufacturers have produced laser diodes for some time, including: Nichia, Ushio, and the Soraa Inc spin out SLD Laser that was later acquired by Kyocera and rebranded Kyocera SLD Laser. The most recent example is Luminus Devices. On January 30th, 2024, Luminus Devices announced the launch of green and blue laser [...]

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E Ink Display Trends That Could Impact Lighting

  There are a several E Ink trends in the display industry that could have implications for lighting:  Smart Surfaces Sustainable Product Development and Environmental Impact Incorporation of signage into Smart Cities. Smart Surfaces Displays of the future will personalize, customize, and provide information on top of other surfaces, making surfaces “intelligent” (or at least [...]

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Coastal Source “Launches” Impressive Products At Kennedy Space Center

  Coastal Source may be an unfamiliar brand to many people in the general lighting industry. LightNOW is pleased to be among the first lighting publications to get an inside look at their new products and to share the company’s story with our readers. Coastal Source is a unique outdoor lighting & audio speaker system [...]

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IR Lasers Link 9,000 Starlink Satellites And Move 42 Million GB Per Day

SpaceX’s Starlink satellite internet constellation now has over 9,000 communications satellites in low Earth orbit (LEO). The satellites form an enormous mesh network utilizing infrared lasers that share information across space, between satellites, known as inter-satellite laser communication. The inter-satellite system achieves a bandwidth of 42 petabytes (PB) per day, which equals 42 million gigabytes [...]

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Researchers Demonstrate RGB OLED LiFi

South Korean researchers have demonstrated a new approach to LiFi using a red, green, and blue (RGB) OLED array. The Pohang University of Science and Technology team utilized an organic photodiode (OPD) array as the receiver. Their study was published October 19, 2023, in the publication, Advanced Materials. The new approach to LiFi reduced interference [...]

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Nichia Launches CSP Emitters & Modules With Increased Side Emissions

  Nichia has announced the release of a new line of products designed to enable different light distribution than conventional LEDs. The product line is based on new LED emitters called Cube Direct Mountable Chip. See photo above. It is a chip scale packaging (CSP) LED, which in itself increases the amount of light emitted [...]

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Product Monday: An Elegant & Functional Way To Light A Closet

  Optique Lighting has announced the launch of their Armadio illuminated closet rod collection. These custom architectural Nano Linear closet rod luminaires are engineered to be one of the industry’s strongest closet rods and are offered in custom lengths to a designer’s specification, in 1/8-inch increments up to 8 feet. The closet rod diameter is 1.34 inches, [...]

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LED Lighting Rated Up To 212°F

  Most people in the lighting industry know that high heat can destroy both LED’s and drivers, especially drivers containing electrolytic capacitors. However, there are classes of both LED emitters and luminaires that are designed to withstand high operating temperatures, up to 212oF. Example applications include lighting for steel mills, blast furnaces, pulp & paper [...]

Lighting Industry, Products + Technology

Three Finnish Companies Advance Bio-Based Packaging For Lighting Products

 Three companies in Finland have collaborated to demonstrate the successful commercialization of bio-based packaging materials for light fixtures that are recyclable, plastic-free, and biodegradable. The three companies involved are: Secto Design – a company specializing in sustainable wooden design lamps, moved its Petite product line’s products from traditional fossil-based packaging into new packaging made of [...]

Lighting Industry, Products + Technology

US GSA’s Green Proving Ground Program

  The Green Proving Ground (GPG) program leverages GSA’s real estate portfolio to evaluate innovative building technologies. The program aims to drive down operational costs in federal buildings and help lead market transformation through the deployment of new technologies. Program goals include sustainability and interagency collaboration. Since 2015, GSA has coordinated the GPG program with [...]


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