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Translucent Concrete For Daylighting And Decorative Hardscapes

Translucent concrete, also known as light-transmitting concrete, is a building material that allows light to pass through it. It is made by embedding optical fibers in a concrete matrix, which allows the material to transmit light while still maintaining its structural integrity. The fibers used in translucent concrete are typically made of glass or plastic [...]

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Fiber Optic Lighting Impressed At LEDucation

At LEDucation, it was encouraging to see the advancements in fiber optic lighting. A company called Universal Fiber Optic Lighting USA (UFO) exemplified this maturing of fiber optic lighting, including the adoption of LED illuminators / light sources, attractive side-emitting fibers, and attractive end fittings, including European crystal. Perhaps what was most impressive was the [...]

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Product Monday: Projecting Fire & Water

Another fun find at LEDucation was a set of LED projectors with dual gobos that spin in opposite directions, creating the effects of moving water and moving fire. The company is Rosco. The X-Effects LED Projectors can achieve a variety of different lighting effects by changing gobos or adding color into either the Static Gobo/Filter [...]

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Lumentruss Reclaimed Wood Luminaires

An interesting find at LEDucation, last week was a line of linear luminaires from Lumentruss made from reclaimed pine engineered lumber. It has the appearance of shredded recycled lumber that has been pressed into new lumber. The finished look has an intense grain pattern that is even more pronounced than ‘virgin’ wood. Recycled wood both [...]

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Lighting and Innovation – Part One Of A Three-Part Series

By Clifton Stanley Lemon Series Description In the lighting industry, we suffer from a collective lapse of imagination – where are the real innovations driven by the most compelling capabilities of SSL? We’re still chasing energy efficiency even though lighting long ago became by far the most energy-efficient of all building systems. We have a [...]

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Product Monday: Airelight LED Ceramic Luminaires

The most interesting technology that I saw at LEDucation, last week, was the Airelight LED ceramic luminaires from GoldenEye Lighting. They’re a California-based manufacturer with a novel light source platform. Their luminaires reflect white LEDs within a ¼”-thick aluminum channel that serves as a diffusing chamber. The light emits through a diffuser that is alumina, [...]

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Product Monday: pureLiFi Launches Light Antenae ONE

pureLiFi, a leading LiFi component manufacturer, launched their latest Light Antenna Module at Mobile World Congress (MWC) in Barcelona. The cutting-edge wireless communications antenna is the first of its kind, smaller than a US dime and ready to enable LiFi in connected devices and smartphones at scale. The module will be compliant with the upcoming [...]

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Product Monday: Generative-Designed Heat Sinks Using Topology Optimization

A Belgian thermal management company named Diabatix nv is offering custom-designed heat sinks that use artificial intelligence/machine learning (AI/ML) generative design to create computer-generated shapes that can be optimized to achieve different engineering goals. Generative design is a process that uses algorithms and machine learning techniques to create and optimize designs based on specified design [...]

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New Toshiba Phosphor Is Transparent With 6X Luminescence

Toshiba Corporation has unveiled a new photoluminescence technology, a novel phosphor that delivers excellent solubility in polymers or organic solvents, where it is transparent and colorless under visible light, and that emits persistent red-light emissions under UV light, with excellent color purity and six times the luminescence of current phosphors. These characteristics open up many [...]

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Product Monday: The Sunne Solar-Powered Lamp

A Dutch company, Sunne, designed the Sunne Lamp. Sunne is a self-powered solar light that captures, stores, and produces light indoors without the need for an external plug. By day, it harvests energy from sunlight while hanging in the window and stores it in its integrated battery. As evening falls, it starts to glow, powered [...]


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