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Product Monday: Category Growth For Artificial Skylights With “Sun”

The first company to produce an artificial skylight with a sun moving across a blue sky was CoeLux. The Italian company sprang from research by Founder, CEO, and scientist Prof. Paolo Di Trapani, in 2009. See image above. More information here. Since then, other companies have jumped into the category. Innerscene launched it’s first virtual [...]

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Audi Gen 2 OLED Taillights Warn Other Drivers Of Road Hazards

  Audi announced that its 2024 Q6 e-tron will be the first model to include its second generation digital OLED taillights. The new taillights communicate warning symbols to other drivers, including accidents and breakdowns by displaying a specific static rear light signature with integrated warning symbols and the regular rear light graphic in critical road [...]

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LED Linear Ambient Market Share Projected At 83-94% In 4 Northeast States

Utility programs in four Northeast states have evaluated LED linear ambient market share. The utility consulting firm, DNV, performed all four rebate program evaluation reports for Rhode Island, Massachusetts, Connecticut, and New Jersey. Projected LED linear ambient market share for 2023 ranges from 83% to 94%. Market shares this high may eventually make it difficult [...]

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Nakamura’s Blue Laser Fusion Raised $25 Million Seed Round

  Blue Laser Fusion, Inc. (BLF) was founded in 2022 by Shuji Nakamura, Ph.D., 2014 Nobel Laureate in Physics and Professor at the University of California, Santa Barbara, and co-inventor of the blue / phosphor converted white LED; Hiroaki Ohta, Ph.D., General Partner of Waseda University Ventures (WUV); and Richard Ogawa, a Silicon Valley-based attorney. [...]

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The Pioneering Age Of LiFi: What The IEEE 802.11bb Standard Means For Our Digital Future

By Jeroen van Gils, Founder & Managing Director of In a world where high-speed data transfer and reliable connectivity have become the backbone of our daily lives, the announcement of the IEEE 802.11bb standard for LiFi (Light Fidelity) signals a technological revolution. Born from the union of light spectrum technology and wireless communication, LiFi [...]

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Product Monday: Verozza’s MODULINE Track System Is Both Minimalist & Feature-Rich

  Verozza’s MODULINE Low Voltage Track System excels at combining minimalist appearance with lots of value-added features. MODULINE is a 48V magnetic low-voltage track system that easily integrates general and accent lighting fixtures into a small, modular design. Fixtures attach magnetically into the 1” track for easy installation and design flexibility. The track can be [...]

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Researchers Achieve 80+% Efficiency For Long-Distance Wireless Charging

Researchers at Aalto University in Finland have achieved a new milestone in wireless charging. Efficiency had always dropped dramatically as the distance between wireless power transmitter and receive increased. The Aalto researchers, however, achieved 80+% efficiency at a distance of 7” between the transmitter and receiver antennas. To do this, the team developed a new [...]

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Philips Hue To Release Security Cameras, Door & Window Sensors has leaked that Signify’s Philips Hue is planning to release new security cameras, as well as smart contact sensors for doors and windows. The company has not confirmed nor denied either product release. Smart home publications have rumored that Philips Hue will release four smart security cameras, representing a major new product direction. [...]

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Product Monday: HYDREL FLAME Combines RGBW & Dual Beam Angles In One Luminaire

  HYDREL, an Acuity Brand, has created a new twist on RGBW architectural lighting. The new FLAME floodlight combines two RGBW beam angles in a single luminaire, creating a colored flame effect. The central beam can be one color, while the outer beam can be another color. The product is offered in three distributions (see [...]

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New LiFi Standard Doesn’t Use Visible Light And Is Not The Only One

  You may have heard that the IEEE has released a new and important LiFi standard for light communications, 802.11bb. What you may not have heard is that the standard is based on a portion of the infrared spectrum, which effectively separates LiFi from visible light sources. Light fixtures will no longer hold any advantage [...]


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