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A Greener Twist On Light Transmitting Concrete

In March of 2023, LightNOW posted about translucent concrete. Today’s story is about a new translucent concrete made with recycled glass instead of optical fibers, fly ash, metallurgical slag, and water filtration sewage sludge to eliminate all cement from the concrete. Using all of these industrial waste materials makes the product extremely green and lower [...]

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Interesting Street & Area Light Innovations

  FIELD ADJUSTABLE LIGHTING DISTRIBUTIONS  LEDVANCE has just announced the release of their OPTISELECT area light, with field adjustable light distributions. No lens change is needed. Simply turn a switch to select between T3, T4, and T5 light distributions. MULTIPLE OPTION 3-CCT SELECTABLE  The same LEDVANCE OPTISELECT area light also gives two different options in [...]

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UL 924 Emergency TLEDs Available From Multiple Manufacturers

  In January of this year, LightNOW wrote about the first UL 924 emergency TLED from NaturaLED. The NaturaLED TLED is 3-CCT selectable. This introduction was greatly welcomed as it reduces life safety risks (and liability!) from emergency TLEDs without UL 924 listing. Those early EM TLEDs took their power from the G13 tombstones, creating [...]

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PoE Lighting Leader Pursues The IoD…..Internet Of Desks

MHT Technologies, a leader in Power-over-Ethernet (PoE) lighting, has released Inspextor Smart Desk, a PoE connected, adjustable-height desk that monitors its surroundings, and communicates through the Inspextor cloud-based software / app. The desk can communicate with different building or workplace management systems. Office workers can select an available desk based on their preferences, whether location, [...]

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The Most Sustainable Luminaire In The UK Will Surprise You

  A street light has just set a new record for the highest TM66 product circularity score, in the UK. It is the Oaken street light, manufacturered by Thorlux Road and Tunnel (TRT) Lighting, in the UK, with a TM66 score of 3.1. The CISBE TM66 circularity standard is designed to measure the carbon footprint [...]

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How Autani-LiteTrace Does Lighting-HVAC Integration

The lighting controls industry continues to take small steps toward lighting-HVAC controls integration. This post will dig into the new Light Solutions Application Guide from Autani-LiteTrace and give a quick overview of their system’s approach and capabilities. As context, Autani (BMS) and LiteTrace (Keilton Bluetooth lighting controls) merged last year. The merger’s original motivation had [...]

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Look Out Graphene, Other 2D Nanosheets Are In Development

Graphene has long been hailed as the greatest material discovery with limitless potential. The reality is that graphene has seen some limited applications in electronics, solar panels, displays, clothing, helmets, bullet-proof armor, aircrafts, and shoes. I’ve written about graphene’s emergence in luminaire heat sinks and housings here. There are two new nanomaterial sheets making headlines: [...]

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Indications That 3 Degree Beam Angle LED Lights Are Coming

  The LED lighting revolution has been remarkable, but one of the areas where LED technology has struggled to match legacy sources is ultra-narrow beam angles. Halogen, plasma, and lasers were more ideal point sources for ultra-narrow spotlights. For a time, LED could only get down to about 20o beam angles, and more recently 10o [...]

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Product Monday: DMF’s Expanded 2-Inch X Series Downlights

  DMF Lighting, an architectural lighting manufacturer of modular LED downlighting systems, has expanded its 2-inch X Series modular downlighting collection to include Cross Beam Total Internal Reflection (TIR) Optics; a 500-lumen Ultra-Narrow light engine module; Pinhole and Hyperbolic trims; and extension collars for installation in thicker ceilings. The uniquely designed Cross Beam TIR Optics reducing glare [...]

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Biomimetic Propellers & Turbines Could Inform Ceiling Fans

Three recent announcements involve biomimicry to improve propeller and wind turbine designs. They all raise the question of whether these types of innovations could make their way to ceiling fan blade designs? Judge for yourself. ABB Dynafin Propeller Switzerland’s ABB Marine introduced a multi-blade Dynafin propulsion concept (see above). The innovative concept mimics the motions [...]


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