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David Shiller

Products + Technology

Product Monday: Verozza’s MODULINE Track System Is Both Minimalist & Feature-Rich

  Verozza’s MODULINE Low Voltage Track System excels at combining minimalist appearance with lots of value-added features. MODULINE is a 48V magnetic low-voltage track system that easily integrates general and accent lighting fixtures into a small, modular design. Fixtures attach magnetically into the 1” track for easy installation and design flexibility. The track can be [...]

Construction + Economy

U.S. Economy Defying Recession Predictions

Despite many predictions of a recession this Summer, the U.S. economy continues to chug along strongly, including consumer spending on luxury items, which typically see reduced demand in a faltering economy. Plastic surgery, motorcycle sales, cruise sales, and expensive concert ticket sales are four examples that are all booming this Summer. Consumer spending is especially [...]

Codes + Standards

Six New IES Standards In The Past Year

  The IES has released six new standards during the past IES fiscal year. At a high level, three address ultraviolet (UV) sources, one addresses light pollution / sky glow, one is about controls, and one is about daylighting. Here are the six:   ANSI/IES RP-27.1-22 Recommended Practice: Risk Group Classification and Minimization of Photobiological Hazards [...]

Construction + Economy, Research

How Will A Gallium Shortage Affect LED Costs?

  I’ve previously written about China’s gallium export ban not impacting current global gallium supplies here. I’ve also written about the recent 2023 DOE Critical Materials Assessment, here. A deeper look at the Critical Materials Assessment shows the LED industry might be in for a rough ride. The majority of white light LEDs are made [...]

Products + Technology, Research

Researchers Achieve 80+% Efficiency For Long-Distance Wireless Charging

Researchers at Aalto University in Finland have achieved a new milestone in wireless charging. Efficiency had always dropped dramatically as the distance between wireless power transmitter and receive increased. The Aalto researchers, however, achieved 80+% efficiency at a distance of 7” between the transmitter and receiver antennas. To do this, the team developed a new [...]

Controls, Products + Technology

Philips Hue To Release Security Cameras, Door & Window Sensors has leaked that Signify’s Philips Hue is planning to release new security cameras, as well as smart contact sensors for doors and windows. The company has not confirmed nor denied either product release. Smart home publications have rumored that Philips Hue will release four smart security cameras, representing a major new product direction. [...]

Construction + Economy, Lighting Industry

India’s Population & Economy Rise As Global Leaders

  In April 2023, the UN announced that India’s population had surpassed China’s, to become the largest in the world. India’s economy is also on a trajectory to surpass the U.S. in the next 50 years. The U.S. is currently the largest global economy with China in the #2 spot. Over the 15 years prior [...]

Construction + Economy, Energy + Environment

US DOE Assesses Critical Materials For Energy

The US Department of Energy (DOE) has completed an assessment of critical materials for energy. The Energy Act of 2020 defines a “critical material” as: Any non-fuel mineral, element, substance, or material that the Secretary of Energy determines: (i) has a high risk of supply chain disruption; and (ii) serves an essential function in one [...]

Legislation + Regulation, Lighting Industry

US DOE Offers $8.5 Billion To States For Home Efficiency & Electrification

  The US Department of Energy has announced that US states and territories can apply for more than $8.5 Billion in funding for residential energy efficiency and electrification. The funding comes from a pair of programs in the Inflation Reduction Act (IRA). Priority will go to homes that can save the most energy, with more [...]

Legislation + Regulation, Lighting Industry

US & EU Complete Incandescent & Halogen Lamp Phase Outs

  In 2007, Congress passed the Energy Independence & Security Act (EISA07). This law directed the US Department of Energy (DOE) to set regulations that initially phased out the incandescent lamps in popular 40W, 60W, 75W, and 100W wattages. They were largely replaced with halogen lamps that were somewhat more efficient, as well as some [...]


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