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DLC Report Quantifies The Non-Energy Benefits Of Networked Lighting Controls

  In January, the Design Lights Consortium (DLC) published a new report about quantifying the non-energy benefits (NEB) of networked lighting controls (NLC). The most valued non-energy benefits varied by stakeholders, but included: extending the life of lighting equipment improved safety and security reduced maintenance improved light quality The top three takeaways of the report are: [...]

Energy + Environment, Legislation + Regulation

Five U.S. Cities Prepare To Fine Building Owners For High Energy Use Or GHG Emissions

New York City, San Francisco, Washington D.C., Boston, and St. Louis are all preparing to fine building owners who fail to comply with new local regulations that in most cases, limit large buildings’ greenhouse gas emissions and/or curb energy usage. The earliest of the fines will go into effect this month in San Francisco. This [...]

Products + Technology, Research

New Toshiba Phosphor Is Transparent With 6X Luminescence

Toshiba Corporation has unveiled a new photoluminescence technology, a novel phosphor that delivers excellent solubility in polymers or organic solvents, where it is transparent and colorless under visible light, and that emits persistent red-light emissions under UV light, with excellent color purity and six times the luminescence of current phosphors. These characteristics open up many [...]


Towns In France Let The Citizens Control The Streetlights

A company named Photon Group created a mobile APP called, J’Ignite Ma Rue,” which enables citizens to control the streetlights in their neighborhood. Currently, eleven towns in France are allowing citizens to use the APP to control local streetlights. The primary benefits are saving energy by allowing citizens to turn down or off the lights [...]

Products + Technology

Product Monday: The Sunne Solar-Powered Lamp

A Dutch company, Sunne, designed the Sunne Lamp. Sunne is a self-powered solar light that captures, stores, and produces light indoors without the need for an external plug. By day, it harvests energy from sunlight while hanging in the window and stores it in its integrated battery. As evening falls, it starts to glow, powered [...]

Lighting Industry

What Ever Happened To Lighting Science Group?

I recently did a web search for GroAdvisors, one of the subsidiaries of Lighting Science Group Corporation (LSGC), and found their website was replaced with a 404 error message. I remember the big news in December 2021 when Healthe filed for bankruptcy, but those news stories never mentioned LSGC, nor any of its subsidiaries. I [...]

Interviews + Opinion, Products + Technology

Interview: ChatGPT’s Predictions For The Future Of Lighting Technology

I recently had the opportunity to sit down for an exclusive (not really) interview with the new know-it-all. Arguably, one of the smartest smarty-pants in the world, OpenAI’s ChatGPT, an AI chatbot knowledgeable on everything in the world, until 2021. My interview focused on how lighting technology will evolve in the near future. SHILLER: What [...]


Integrated Lighting Campaign 2023 Recognition Webinars

The DOE’s Integrated Lighting Campaign (ILC) is hosting two upcoming informational webinars for potential Integrated Lighting Campaign Supporters (this Thursday / tomorrow) and Participants (next Thursday). Tomorrow’s webinar is specifically for utilities, energy efficiency organizations, community-based organizations, lighting manufacturers, energy service companies, and nonprofits involved in the procurement, installation, and financing of lighting technologies. ILC will discuss: How to join [...]

Codes + Standards

ASHRAE Expands Standard 90.1-2022

The recently released ANSI/ASHRAE/IES 90.1-2022 is the latest version of the energy standard for buildings, except low-rise residential buildings. It contains updates and changes to improve energy efficiency in buildings, including: Upgraded lighting power density and lighting controls requirements Increased insulation requirements for building envelopes Improved fenestration requirements for windows and doors More stringent requirements [...]

Energy + Environment

Remarkable Javits Center Sustainability Features To Consider During LightFair

A large percentage of LightNOW readers will likely attend LightFair, this May, at the Jacob Javits Center, in New York City. The Javits is the largest and busiest convention center in the United States. What might surprise you is the list of sustainability features that were installed as part of the 5-year, $1.5 Billion renovation [...]


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