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A Summary Of WELL Building Standard Version 2.0 Lighting Requirements

Here is a summary of the WELL Building Standard Version 2.0 Lighting Requirements: Feature L01: Light Exposure – Provide indoor light exposure through daylight and electric light strategies. Option 1: Daylight simulation The project demonstrates, through computer simulations, that one of the following conditions are achievedOption 2: Interior layout One of the following requirements is [...]

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First Town In The World Adopts Red Street Lights

    A small town in the Netherlands, Zuidhoek-Nieuwkoop, has become the first town in the world to install red street lights. The primary motivation was to protect local, rare bat populations. The red light isn’t perceived by the bats but allows humans to see at night. The red street lights are manufactured by the [...]

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Product Monday: Two Lighting Product Launches At CES 2024

  CES 2024 concluded last week, in Las Vegas, NV. While every imaginable type of tech was there, there were some lighting product releases. Here are two of them: NanoLeaf released its Sky Expansion Pack. See first two images. This NanoLeaf Skylight is designed to look and feel like a skylight. By replicating a dynamic [...]

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Walmart Turns Down Lights And Changes Morning Hours For Sensory Disabled

  During the Summer of 2023 back-to-school season, Walmart piloted sensory-friendly store hours, each Saturday from 8am-10am. During these hours, Walmart stores turned down the lights where possible, put a static image on the TV walls, and turned off the radio. Walmart received overwhelmingly positive responses. As a result, Walmart has now designated 8am-10am every [...]

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Exploring The World Of <2% Blue Light

  I researched for hours trying to get a complete picture of the origins, drivers, products, and claims around “less than 2% blue light.” As long as 6 years ago, Circadian Zirclight claimed their office products switched from conventional blue pump white LEDs during the day, to violet pump white LEDs in the evening for [...]

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28 States Have Bills To End Seasonal Time Changes

  In the absence of Federal government action, lawmakers in 28 states have proposed legislation to end seasonal time changes each Fall and Spring. In March, 2022, The U.S. Senate passed a bill to make Daylight Saving Time permanent. The bill went nowhere in the House, and has made no apparent progress in the past [...]

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Nebraska Children’s Hospital Lighting Design Lets Kids Be Kids

  I’m pleased to share my first article published in the October issue of Lighting Design + Application (LD+A), the magazine of the Illuminating Engineering Society (IES). Children’s Hospital & Medical Center, the only dedicated children’s hospital in Nebraska, had outgrown its facility in Omaha and was on the verge of turning away patients in [...]

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IWBI Launches “Works With WELL” Product Trademark Program

Last week, the International WELL Building Institute (IWBI) unveiled the Works with WELL Program, a new product licensing opportunity designed to help product manufacturers validate and showcase how their products align with the WELL Building Standard, based on IWBI licensing criteria. Nearly 40 early-adopting companies have enrolled more than 1,000 products in the new program. To earn [...]

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Research Shows Benefits Of WELL Building Certification

  The largest peer-reviewed study to date links WELL Certification with improved worker productivity, health, and creativity. Earlier this month, the study was published in Building & Environment and found that WELL Certified building occupants reported higher performing workplaces compared with non-certified building occupant responses. The researchers found that employee satisfaction across various building aspects [...]

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Product Monday: Category Growth For Artificial Skylights With “Sun”

The first company to produce an artificial skylight with a sun moving across a blue sky was CoeLux. The Italian company sprang from research by Founder, CEO, and scientist Prof. Paolo Di Trapani, in 2009. See image above. More information here. Since then, other companies have jumped into the category. Innerscene launched it’s first virtual [...]


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