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Universal’s Chris Holstein Talks Distributor Opportunity Replacing LED Drivers

I recently had the opportunity to interview Chris Holstein, VP Product Management, Pricing, Marketing for Universal Douglas for an article I’m developing for the May 2023 issue of tED Magazine, the official NAED publication. The topic: opportunities for distributors serving the LED driver replacement market.

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Interview: ChatGPT’s Predictions For The Future Of Lighting Technology

I recently had the opportunity to sit down for an exclusive (not really) interview with the new know-it-all. Arguably, one of the smartest smarty-pants in the world, OpenAI’s ChatGPT, an AI chatbot knowledgeable on everything in the world, until 2021. My interview focused on how lighting technology will evolve in the near future. SHILLER: What [...]

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Sustainability And Light Emitting Diodes (LEDs)

A recent editorial in LD&A magazine noted that we no longer have to single out “LED” lighting projects because now almost all projects use LEDs. There is no question that LEDs have drastically reduced energy use in both new construction and retrofit projects. So much so that some are arguing if we even really need lighting energy codes anymore.

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Weighing Into The Lighting Innovation Debate

A debate has recently emerged between industry thought leaders about whether or not innovation has significantly slowed in the lighting industry. On one side, during an interview at Light+Building, industry thought-leaders Mark Lien and Randy Reid argue innovation has slowed. On the other side, thought-leader Carrie Meadows argues that innovation hasn’t slowed, but rather needs to be redefined, in a recent opinion piece published in LEDs Magazine. David weighs in to the debate in today’s LightNOW post.

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Evluma CEO Interview: Streetlight Glare Whitepaper, The New RP-8, & Warming CCTs

David recently had the pleasure of interviewing Don Vendetti, CEO of Evluma. The street and area lighting company has just published a new whitepaper about glare. We also discussed the new ANSI/IES RP-8 standard, as well as the trend toward warming CCTs for streetlights.

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Interview With NexGen Power Systems’ CEO About Their Game-Changing Driver Technology

David had the pleasure of interviewing the CEO & co-Founder of NexGen Power Systems, Dr. Dinesh Ramanathan, about NexGen’s ground-breaking, power system technology, and their higher-performance LED drivers.

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So You’re a Fixture Chooser? A Guest Authors’ Perspective

Guest authors Clifton Stanley Lemon & Thomas Paterson make the case for eliminating the term “specifier.”

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John Arthur Wilson Interview: Better Bricks Wireless Lighting Controls Guide

David recently had the pleasure of interviewing John Arthur Wilson, a lighting control and utility rebate consultant, about his 2021 market research into wireless lighting controls. That research resulted in a learning guide that can be used to support basic education around wireless trends in lighting. The Northwest Energy Efficiency Alliance (NEEA) has published that document on their Better Bricks website, available to the public.

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Interview: The Circular Economy For Lighting

The GreenLight Alliance (GLA) is a non-profit organization with leadership across Europe and North America, dedicated to applying circular economy principles to the lighting industry, targeting specifiers to drive change. I interviewed Emilio Hernandez, Chair of the GreenLight Alliance about the GLA’s goals and strategies.

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Interview: Korrus’s CEO On The Recent Acquisition Of Circadian ZircLight

Korrus is the company that owns Ecosense, Soraa, Scuva, Tempo Industries, and now Circadian ZircLight. They focus on “Human Light Interaction (HLI),” which they define as seeking to understand human interactions with light, and creating technologies that better serve the needs of those humans.


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