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Lighting & Smart Grid Webinar Presented By PG&E

  Clifton Lemon Associates today announced that Pacific Gas & Electric will present a free webinar on the growing importance of building controls integration in the process of building-grid connection, load management, decarbonization, and electrification. Titled Lighting and Smart, Grid-Integrated Buildings, the webinar presents a history and overview of building controls integration in both commercial [...]

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10 Trends In Lighting-HVAC Integration

  Two weeks ago, I wrote about the coming lighting-HVAC control integration tsunami, here. The following are 10 trends in lighting-HVAC control integration: IoT Integration: The Internet of Things (IoT) has played a significant role in the integration of lighting and HVAC systems. This involves using sensors and smart devices to collect data and control [...]

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Nebraska Children’s Hospital Lighting Design Lets Kids Be Kids

  I’m pleased to share my first article published in the October issue of Lighting Design + Application (LD+A), the magazine of the Illuminating Engineering Society (IES). Children’s Hospital & Medical Center, the only dedicated children’s hospital in Nebraska, had outgrown its facility in Omaha and was on the verge of turning away patients in [...]

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Interview: A New Method for Evaluating Circadian-Effective Lighting

For an upcoming article for Electrical Contractor Magazine, I recently had the opportunity to interview Mariana G. Figueiro, PhD, Director of the Light and Health Research Center (LHRC) and Professor in the Department of Population Health Science and Policy at the Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai, and Professor Mark S. Rea. The topic: a new methodology (called SOWatt), which specifiers could use to evaluate the relative energy efficiency of luminaires in delivering circadian-effective light.

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Amazon In Retail & B2B Ecommerce

  Amazon dominates retail e-commerce but not B2B e-commerce. Here is a closer look: Amazon dominates retail e-commerce with $431 Billion in sales projected this year. Amazon’s retail Ecom market share is 37.6%. In second place is Walmart with $73.5 Billion in retail e-commerce sales, 1/6 that of Amazon. Amazon’s top retail e-comm categories are [...]

Interviews + Opinion

Signify’s Keith Eagle Talks Commercial Lighting Upgrade Opportunities

For an upcoming article for tED Magazine, I recently had the opportunity to interview Keith Eagle, Vice President & General Manager, US Professional Channel, Signify, on the topic of continuing opportunity with commercial lighting upgrades as the LED installed base grows. Transcript follows.

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Lighting And Innovation Part 4: Present-Proofing

    By Clifton Stanley Lemon We humans are both cursed and blessed with an obsession with the future. It’s constantly amazing to me how much we crave narratives that predict the future and proceed to stick to them even in the face of direct and persistent evidence of their utter failure to predict. We’re [...]

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NRF’s State Of Retail & The Consumer

The National Retail Federation (NRF) released it’s annual State of Retail & the Consumer forecast. Here are the highlights: The retail sector is expected to grow 4-6% in 2023, to $5.13-$5.23 Trillion. 2022 saw 7% growth over 2021. 2023’s forecast is higher than pre-pandemic growth of 3.6% E-commerce sales expected to rise 10-12% in 2023, [...]

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Lighting And Innovation Part 2 of 4: It Takes A Stack

By Clifton Stanley Lemon This is the second post in a four-part series on Lighting and Innovation. The first post can be read here. It’s supremely ironic that we are, ostensibly, in a state of stagnating innovation in lighting today, given that the universal symbol of innovation and inspiration is…the light bulb. Of course, the [...]


Introduction to Penn State University’s Lighting Lab

I recently had the pleasure of meeting Dr. Alp Durmus, Assistant Professor in the Department of Architectural Engineering at Pennsylvania State University (PSU). Many in the lighting industry know this department as a top academic lighting program in the US, but fewer know about its lighting lab. My tour of the lab’s capabilities was very [...]

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