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Translucent Concrete For Daylighting And Decorative Hardscapes

Translucent concrete, also known as light-transmitting concrete, is a building material that allows light to pass through it. It is made by embedding optical fibers in a concrete matrix, which allows the material to transmit light while still maintaining its structural integrity. The fibers used in translucent concrete are typically made of glass or plastic [...]


Visual Delight in Architecture

Visual Delight in Architecture by Lisa Heschong (‎Routledge, April 2021, 398 pp.) examines the many ways in which the time we spend indoors is enriched by daylight and window views.


National Research Council Canada Studies Daylighting

Anca D. Galasiu, National Research Council Canada and C. F. Reinhart, Massachusetts Institute of Technology have co-authored a report, Current Daylighting Design Practice: A Survey, which attempts to create a snapshot of current daylight design practices.

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NBI Releases Guide on Controlling Comfort and Energy in Offices

The New Buildings Institute just released a new market guide, Controlling Comfort and Energy in Offices, which outlines the benefits and best practices to implement lighting and shading retrofits in today’s market.


Defining the Daylight Zone

HLB Lighting Design’s daylighting guru Matthew Tanteri wrote a short article defining the daylight zone and how to determine its dimensions within a building.

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University of Oregon Publishes White Paper on Light, Views, and the Workplace Experience

The University of Oregon recently published a new white paper, “The Impact of Lighting and Views in the Workplace of the Future.” The paper concludes that daylighted spaces with controlled lighting and views can improve occupant well-being, workplace productivity, and satisfaction by positively influencing various physiological and psychological processes. Lighting and views also impact property value and employee recruitment and retention.


DOE Announces 2019-20 Solar Decathlon

The U.S. Department of Energy Solar Decathlon has issued a call for applications for the 2019-2020 Design Challenge.


Daylighting Begins Outside

It sounds obvious, but it isn’t. The fact is daylighting designs often assume a uniform “white canvas” of exterior daylight to work with, when numerous factors affect daylight availability. This is the subject of an insightful short article by HLB daylighting experts Matthew Tanteri and Amaia Puras-Ustarroz.


IES Publishes Design Guide on Active Core Sunlighting for Buildings

The Illuminating Engineering Society has published DG-31-18, Design Guide on Active Core Sunlighting for Buildings, which provides an introduction to active core sunlighting systems and their implementation in buildings.


NLB Video Discusses Importance of Daylighting

Daylighting can have such a powerful effect on office workers’ comfort, well-being, and productivity, the buildings they occupy are now being oriented and designed to bring as much daylight as possible into occupied spaces. So say three experts on the topic, impaneled at the National Lighting Bureau’s Annual Lighting Forum. Moderated by EdisonReport Editor and [...]


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