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Innovators in Residential Healthcare: Circadian Principles & Practice

Dr. Shelly James, Founder of Age of Light Innovations Group, is hosting a webinar, Innovators in Residential Healthcare: Circadian Lighting Principles & Practice, to share best practices in circadian lighting for residential healthcare facilities. Current research suggests that lighting that actively supports a robust day-night (or ‘circadian’) cycle in older people with dementia can significantly [...]

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Free Webinar On Lighting And Smart Buildings

PG&E is sponsoring a free live webinar featuring some of the top experts in the country on the future of smart buildings. It is titled Lighting and Smart Buildings: Opportunities, Case Studies, & Better Practices. It will present a history, overview, and a report on the current state of building controls integration. The webinar will [...]

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LRC Offers 3D Printing For Lighting Online Course

The Lighting Research Center at RPI is offering an Online Course on 3D Printing for Lighting. The Fall 2022 course will run from November 2 through December 7.

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Evluma CEO Interview: Streetlight Glare Whitepaper, The New RP-8, & Warming CCTs

David recently had the pleasure of interviewing Don Vendetti, CEO of Evluma. The street and area lighting company has just published a new whitepaper about glare. We also discussed the new ANSI/IES RP-8 standard, as well as the trend toward warming CCTs for streetlights.

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Wireless Power Transfer Has Potential For Lighting

A 2020 CABA White Paper, Application of Wireless Power Transfer (WPT) in Smart Homes and Buildings provides an overview of WPT technology, as well as a market evaluation for the technology, including key global companies.

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CLTC Launches New Color Lab

The California Lighting Technology Center (CLTC) at UC Davis has established “The Color Lab” in collaboration with the Center for Mind and Brain. The new color lab will explore the impact of discrete color spectra on stress, mood, and alertness.

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Top 10 Trends In High Bay Retrofits For Warehouses & Production Facilities

A new white paper is titled The Top 10 Trends In High Bay Retrofits For Warehouses & Production Sites. The white paper was published by Lighting Expertise & Design Services (LEDS), a leading lighting retrofit firm in the United States, that specializes in lighting upgrades for warehouses and production sites.

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New DLC Whitepaper On Non-White Light Sources For Outdoors

There is growing scientific evidence that LED outdoor white light at night is devastating global insect and bird populations, in addition to potential negative human health impacts. A possible solution is to move back to non-white lighting, such as phosphor-converted amber and direct emission amber LED sources, outdoors.

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NEMA Published Recommendations For Replacing HID Lamps With LED Lamps

In February, 2022, NEMA published NEMA LL-10, Replacing HID Lamps with LED Lamps: Light Output Equivalency Claims. This document describes a method for claiming equivalency of LED lamps to the HID lamps they replace.

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New Lighting Designer Directory Published By

Last month, lighting industry news website,, published a new Lighting Designer Directory. To find out more about this new industry resource, I interviewed Al Uszynski, Editor & Publisher of


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