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Top 10 Trends In High Bay Retrofits For Warehouses & Production Facilities

A new white paper is titled The Top 10 Trends In High Bay Retrofits For Warehouses & Production Sites. The white paper was published by Lighting Expertise & Design Services (LEDS), a leading lighting retrofit firm in the United States, that specializes in lighting upgrades for warehouses and production sites.

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New DLC Whitepaper On Non-White Light Sources For Outdoors

There is growing scientific evidence that LED outdoor white light at night is devastating global insect and bird populations, in addition to potential negative human health impacts. A possible solution is to move back to non-white lighting, such as phosphor-converted amber and direct emission amber LED sources, outdoors.

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NEMA Published Recommendations For Replacing HID Lamps With LED Lamps

In February, 2022, NEMA published NEMA LL-10, Replacing HID Lamps with LED Lamps: Light Output Equivalency Claims. This document describes a method for claiming equivalency of LED lamps to the HID lamps they replace.

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New Lighting Designer Directory Published By inside.lighting

Last month, lighting industry news website, inside.lighting, published a new Lighting Designer Directory. To find out more about this new industry resource, I interviewed Al Uszynski, Editor & Publisher of inside.lighting.

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IES BIM Committee Seeks Online Votes For Two Proposed Autodesk Revit Lighting Features

The IES BIM Committee is requesting help. Have you been unhappy with the process of documenting lighting in BIM software, specifically Revit? Do you wish there were features that the software had to make the lighting workflow more compatible with those of other trades?

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DOE Publishes Pair Of Reports About SSL Manufacturing And R&D Opportunities

The U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) Building Technologies Office (BTO), within the Office of Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy (EERE), has published two new reports, 2022 DOE SSL Manufacturing Status & Opportunities and  Solid-State Lighting R&D Opportunities.

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New International Lighting Non-Profit Founded In Canada

The All Things Lighting Association (ATLA) has been founded as a non-profit organization to advance, support, promote, and contribute to innovation, science, and engineering in all fields of lighting, including architecture, health, horticulture, and entertainment.

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New NEMA White Paper On The History, Proper & Inproper Uses of UGR

The National Electrical Manufacturers Association (NEMA) published NEMA LS 20001-2021, White Paper on Unified Glare Rating (UGR). This new white paper explains the original intent of UGR, its proper uses, and common misuses.

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Endeavor Business Media Announces Launch of LightSPEC Regional Lighting Events in 2022

Endeavor Business Media announces the launch of LightSPEC West and LightSPEC Midwest, two highly-targeted regional events providing lighting education and solutions for buyers and specifiers of commercial, architectural, industrial, and high-end residential and decorative lighting products, controls, and technologies.

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LightFair Connect Launches Today with On-Demand Seminar Library

LightFair Connect, the virtual, on-demand library of conference sessions from LightFair 2021, launched today, offering 27 sessions – with 32 available CEU credits – to continue the return of industry-wide education across lighting categories leading up to LightFair 2022.


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