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Interview: Tom Butters On The Lighting Agora

  I had the pleasure of interviewing Tom Butters, Founder & Executive Director of The Lighting Agora, about what the Agora is and where it’s heading. Shiller:  What was your original goal in establishing the Lighting Agora?  Butters:  I have always strived to work for the benefit of the lighting industry as a whole. In [...]

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New Lighting History Blog

Self-professed lighting nerd and historian Frank Grobmeier recently launched an illuminating look back at the lighting industry’s historical and little-known facts with his blog Radiant History ( The blog unveils tales of luminosity and delves into the evolution of light throughout the ages. From candles and oil lamps to the birth of solid-state luminaries, Radiant [...]

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Inspiring Brilliance – The Besal Fund

The Robert J. Besal Memorial Education fund, which provides scholarships to students in the illuminating engineering disciplines, is celebrating it’s 40th anniversary this year. The Fund has awarded nearly a million dollars in scholarships with the aspriration to encourage talented and committed students to excel in their studies and choose a career in the lighting [...]

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What Lighting Manufacturers And Designers Should Know About LERN

  IALD LERN is a new continuing education program that will connect professionals involved in lighting design and specification with high-quality design education. IALD is seeking partners to become early adaptors and help shape the future of the program. IALD LERN will provide a platform to connect content providers’ educational material to IALD members. Partners, [...]

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Innovators in Residential Healthcare: Circadian Principles & Practice

Dr. Shelly James, Founder of Age of Light Innovations Group, is hosting a webinar, Innovators in Residential Healthcare: Circadian Lighting Principles & Practice, to share best practices in circadian lighting for residential healthcare facilities. Current research suggests that lighting that actively supports a robust day-night (or ‘circadian’) cycle in older people with dementia can significantly [...]

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Free Webinar On Lighting And Smart Buildings

PG&E is sponsoring a free live webinar featuring some of the top experts in the country on the future of smart buildings. It is titled Lighting and Smart Buildings: Opportunities, Case Studies, & Better Practices. It will present a history, overview, and a report on the current state of building controls integration. The webinar will [...]

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LRC Offers 3D Printing For Lighting Online Course

The Lighting Research Center at RPI is offering an Online Course on 3D Printing for Lighting. The Fall 2022 course will run from November 2 through December 7.

Education + Resources, Interviews + Opinion

Evluma CEO Interview: Streetlight Glare Whitepaper, The New RP-8, & Warming CCTs

David recently had the pleasure of interviewing Don Vendetti, CEO of Evluma. The street and area lighting company has just published a new whitepaper about glare. We also discussed the new ANSI/IES RP-8 standard, as well as the trend toward warming CCTs for streetlights.

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Wireless Power Transfer Has Potential For Lighting

A 2020 CABA White Paper, Application of Wireless Power Transfer (WPT) in Smart Homes and Buildings provides an overview of WPT technology, as well as a market evaluation for the technology, including key global companies.

Education + Resources, Research

CLTC Launches New Color Lab

The California Lighting Technology Center (CLTC) at UC Davis has established “The Color Lab” in collaboration with the Center for Mind and Brain. The new color lab will explore the impact of discrete color spectra on stress, mood, and alertness.


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