A new white paper is titled The Top 10 Trends In High Bay Retrofits For Warehouses & Production Sites. The white paper was published by Lighting Expertise & Design Services (LEDS), a leading lighting retrofit firm in the United States, that specializes in lighting upgrades for warehouses and production sites.

The white paper goes into detail on these 10 trends:

  1. T5HO high bays have become a strong retrofit opportunity
  2. Linear integrated high bay fixtures outperform both TLED lamp retrofits, as well as round-UFO-HID form factor fixtures
  3. Controls & future-proofing
  4. CCT
  5. Rebates
  6. Facility managers are getting smarter at comparing retrofit proposals
  7. Consistency of installation quality
  8. Rising prices and supply chain disruptions
  9. Facility manager motivations are evolving
  10. Application matters

Access the full whitepaper here.