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Wireless Power Transfer Has Potential For Lighting

A 2020 CABA White Paper, Application of Wireless Power Transfer (WPT) in Smart Homes and Buildings provides an overview of WPT technology, as well as a market evaluation for the technology, including key global companies. Some potential applications of wireless charging to lighting include:

  1. Wireless charging of cell phones and other devices from desk lamps.
    WPT transmitters integrated into lamp bases could charge devices laid upon them.
  2. Reduced risk with electrical products installed near water. WPT eliminates power cords and wiring. Imagine more safely putting lights in sinks, bathtubs, showers and other areas near water. Both the transmitter and receiver/luminaire could be fully sealed against water.
  3. Potential for better and safer mobile battery-powered lighting, without electro-mechanical charging contacts.

The CABA WPT white paper can be downloaded here.


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