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Legislation + Regulation

Changes Coming for Product Packaging

By Michael Weems, VP of Public Policy, American Lighting Association (ALA) The following is reprinted with the permission of ALA. The concept of Extended Producer Responsibility (EPR) laws originated out of the European Union. Since then, EPR laws have flourished worldwide, including in the United States and Canada. The initial wave of EPR laws focused on electronics and battery [...]


PoE Lighting Market Is Down But Not Out

By Scott Sherwood and David Shiller Power over Ethernet (PoE) lighting emerged from the IT industry, which built upon technology from the 48VDC telecom industry. More on PoE lighting origins can be found here. In 2023, PoE lighting had a rough year with significant players going out of business, diminishing in market presence, as well [...]


Wireless NLC – 3 Of 4: Wireless Trends & Why Mesh Is Winning

    By John Arthur Wilson and David Shiller This is the third of a four article series about important concepts in wireless networked lighting controls (NLC). This article is largely about mesh, so let’s start with a definition: A mesh network is a local area network, with a communications arrangement (aka topology) in which the infrastructure nodes (i.e. controllers, sensors, switches, [...]


Wireless NLC — 2 Of 4: The Decline Of Gateways

By John Arthur Wilson and David Shiller This is the second of a four article series about important concepts in wireless networked lighting controls (NLC). What Is A Gateway? A gateway is a hardware device that connects two networks with different protocols. Two common examples that most people are familiar with are WiFi routers and [...]


Wireless NLC — 1 Of 4: Integration Vs. Networking Performance

By John Arthur Wilson and David Shiller This is the first of a four article series about important concepts in wireless networked lighting controls (NLC). John Arthur Wilson is an educator for wireless NLC systems. This first article is about wireless integration versus networking performance. Addressability Types To properly understand the variety of wireless NLC [...]

Lighting Industry

Product Monday: ArtMorph by CECOCECO – A Fusion Of Lighting, Display, and Textures

By Jason Lu, Founder, CECOCECO The lighting industry is witnessing a continuous evolution, driven by technological advancements and creative explorations. ArtMorph, introduced by CECOCECO, is a blend of lighting, display technology, and design. The Concept ArtMorph combines high-resolution LED displays with diverse natural textures like wood, stone, textile, and metal. This integration isn’t just about [...]

Codes + Standards, Controls

NEMA, Zhaga, and Wire Connectors in Street Lighting Control Systems

By Maria Bragina, General Manager, Sundrax Electronics In the rapidly evolving lighting industry, the demand for efficient and reliable connection options has led to the standardization of specialized connectors like NEMA and Zhaga. This article explores the evolution and significance of NEMA connectors, shedding light on their historical roots and modern adaptations. Origin of NEMA [...]

Energy + Environment, Lighting Design

Trends Impacting Residential Lighting

By Jeffrey R. Dross, Principal, Lighting by Jeffrey Change occurs in every industry. Social and aesthetic trends drive much of it. Consumers are always looking for something “different;” the architecture changes, related interior industries (furniture, floor covering, window dressing and appliances) shift and society reacts to the needs of the community and its people. Trends [...]

Controls, Products + Technology

Street Lighting Control Systems: Exploring Advantages, Disadvantages, and Choosing the Right Approach

  By Maria Bragina, General Manager, Sundrax Electronics Street lighting plays a crucial role in enhancing urban safety and aesthetics. The methods used to control street lighting have evolved significantly over time, from manual systems to sophisticated electronic control mechanisms. In this article, we will delve into the historical evolution of street lighting control, focusing [...]

LED + SSL, Products + Technology

How Micro Lens Arrays (MLAs) Improve Visual Intelligence In Architectural Lighting

By: Kevin Green, Global Commercial Director, BrightView Technologies There is a fundamental demand uniting lighting objectives across outdoor and indoor architectural environments. Whether it’s spotlighting specific design features or illuminating a room with unique light patterns, precision is the name of the game in bringing innovative concepts to life. As architectural demands have grown more [...]


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