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Midstream Utility Lighting Rebates Expanding In E-Commerce

  More midstream utility lighting rebates are becoming available through online commercial lighting sales. Two examples are EncentivEnergy’s UtilityGenius Commercial Storefront, as well as Commercial Storefront is the latest…

Turn Your High Schooler Into A Lighting Person!

  Sure, you’re a hardcore lighting person, but what about the teenagers in your life? Camp CANDLE is an architectural lighting design summer camp for high school students. It’s located…

Interview: Geoff Ling Of Merrimack Group On M&A Predictions

  I had the pleasure of sitting down with Geoff Ling, Managing Director at Merrimack Group, at LEDucation, to talk about his predictions for M&A trends, looking forward. Merrimack Group…

Product Monday: Superdupertube Hemp Luminaire

  Superdupertube is a linear LED luminaire with a housing made of hemp, considered a highly sustainable fiber. The product is a collaboration between a Swedish lighting manufacturer named ateljé…

Growth In Turtle-Friendly Tape Light

While turtle-friendly lighting isn’t new, there has been rapid growth in turtle-friendly tape light, from leading manufacturers. Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission (FWC) rated lighting can be Red, Orange,…

FLI’s Play Magnets Mini Track System Impressed

Each LEDucation, I’m fascinated by the handful of manufacturers showing micro luminaires. Last week, I saw fewer exhibitors with micro luminaires, but I may have just missed them. One that…

High Point Market Is Now A Major Decorative Lighting Show

  High Point Market is certainly one of the oldest and most established in the furniture industry. The tradeshow dates back to when North Carolina was THE center of the…

Tweener: Eliminating Poles From Tennis Court Lighting

  A fun find at LEDucation was Tweener. As I walked by their table, I looked over for the one-second scan to put them in a category, and I was…

Product Monday: Two Current Products With Innovative Finishes

While many bemoan the end of rapid LED chip innovation, LEDucation once again showed that there are a 100 new technology innovations finding their way into the lighting industry. Of…

Alternative Circadian Theory Of Blue-Yellow Opponency

  I watched the virtual presentation, Better Than Blue Light, by Dr. Jay Neitz of the University of Washington last week that was presented by LEDucation. I’m not an expert…


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