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Craig DiLouie

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Lampshade Eats Flies, Turns Them Into Light

Material Beliefs has designed a prototype of a lampshade that functions similarly to a Venus Flytrap–capturing flies and turning them into energy. When the floor lamp is turned on, flies and moths become naturally attracted to the light, entering through holes in the lampshade but unable to then escape. Over time, the insects die and [...]

Education + Resources

Lighting Education Institute Announces Webinar Series on Photometry

Craig Bernecker, director of The Lighting Education Institute, will be teaching a weekly 90-minute webinar on luminaire photometry over a period of six weeks from April 13 to May 26, 2009. Designed for architects, engineers, interior designers, lighting designers, sales reps, manufacturers and other professionals interested in lighting design, the course promises to teach students [...]

LED + SSL, Products + Technology

Metabolic Media

Inspired by photosynthesis in plants, Studio Ltd. set out to build architectural structures with energy-harvesting canopies that absorb solar energy during the day and emit light at night. “A modular photovoltaic membrane was prototyped for the installation that can be clad to our geotextile architecture to provide both shelter and shade from the sun [...]

Legislation + Regulation

DOE Proposes New Efficiency Rules Targeting Fluorescent T12 and Halogen Lamps

The U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) has put forward efficiency regulations on 4- and 8-ft. linear fluorescent lamps and halogen PAR lamps and is accepting comments for the near future (60 days after the publication of the regulations in the Federal Register, and as of February 6, 2009, this apparently has not happened yet, according [...]

Construction + Economy

Construction Put in Place Spending Tops $1.078 Trillion in 2008

The U.S. Census Bureau of the Department of Commerce has announced that construction spending during December 2008 was estimated at a seasonally adjusted annual rate of $1,053.7 billion, 1.4% below the revised November estimate of $1,068.8 billion. The December figure is 3.6% below the December 2007 estimate of $1,093.5 billion. The value of construction in [...]

Legislation + Regulation

Efficiency Laws Are Retiring Lighting’s Workhorses

Incandescent general-service and reflector lamps, and fluorescent magnetic, mercury vapor and probe-start metal halide ballasts, are being targeted by efficiency legislation. As a result, some of lighting’s most venerable workhorses are being retired. Their new competitors are simply too efficient and better performing. The electronic ballast’s rapid rise to dominance of the fluorescent ballast market, [...]

LED + SSL, Products + Technology

Boston University Explores Wireless Communication Based on Visible Light

One possible future wireless technology is interesting not because of its potential for lighting control, but its potential to use visible white light as a communication medium for control of computers, phones and appliances. In October 2008, Boston University’s College of Engineering announced that it had received a National Science Foundation grant to develop wireless [...]

Lighting Industry

Downlight Market at a Glance

Recently, I conducted a survey of about 600 lighting designers, mostly IALD members, asking them questions about their specifications of nonresidential spec-grade downlights and also their perceptions of popular brands in the market. To qualify to take the survey, the designer had to confirm that they have specified commercial downlights over the past three years. [...]


LEDs Will Rule the World

Okay, maybe not. But the technology available for LED building illumination has come a long way in a surprisingly short amount of time. According to the Pacific Northwest National Laboratory, LED technology is moving so quickly that next-generation products are entering the market every six months, feeding a global illumination market that approached $2 billion [...]

Codes + Standards

Lighting Designers Likely to Find 2009 IECC Disappointing

The International Code Council’s (ICC) 2009 version of the International Energy Conservation Code (IECC), a model energy code adopted by many states, contains a number of lighting-related provisions that lighting designers are likely to find objectionable. One area of concern is that the 2009 IECC eliminates mixing methodologies from ASHRAE 90.1 as an alternative standard. [...]


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