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Researchers Achieve 80+% Efficiency For Long-Distance Wireless Charging

Researchers at Aalto University in Finland have achieved a new milestone in wireless charging. Efficiency had always dropped dramatically as the distance between wireless power transmitter and receive increased. The Aalto researchers, however, achieved 80+% efficiency at a distance of 7” between the transmitter and receiver antennas. To do this, the team developed a new [...]

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New DarkSky State Of The Science 2023 Report Released

Last year, I wrote about the release of the first Artificial Light At Night (ALAN): State of the Science Report 2022, available here. DarkSky (formerly the International Dark Sky Association – IDA), has now released an updated version of the report titled Artificial Light At Night: State of the Science 2023 Report. It is a [...]


World’s Smallest LED Can Turn A Cellphone Camera Into A Microscope

  MIT researchers have created a silicon-based LED that is less than one micron across. This is less than one thousandth of a millimeter (mm) across. Despite the tiny size, the new LED has a high intensity, which allowed the researchers to create a holographic microscope. This advance could allow a smartphone camera to become [...]

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Researchers Begin Steps Toward Biodegradable Electronics

  Researchers at Linköping University and the KTH Royal Institute of Technology in Sweden, have created the first functioning transistor made of wood. This represents an early step in the development of biodegradable electronics. The researchers started with balsa wood and removed the lignin that makes wood strong and rigid. This created cellulose fibers with [...]

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Researchers Develop Translucent Aerogel Bricks For Loadbearing Walls

  Glass blocks have been utilized for many decades to create translucent walls or wall sections. However, glass block is not able to create loadbearing walls and is not a good insulating material. A group of Swiss researchers have developed a new aerogel-filled translucent brick that is both highly insulating and can create load-bearing walls. [...]

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How Light Pollution Disrupts Plants

  A lot of research and attention has been given to how light pollution negatively impacts birds, bats, other animals, and insects. Less well known are the negative impacts of light pollution on plants. Most people have seen now bright lights at night attract moths. This can significantly change moth behavior. Artificial light at night [...]

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Bladeless Ceiling Fans?

In February, I published a story about whether a new trend in toroidal propellers could lead to toroidal ceiling fan blades, here. This article became one of the most viewed LightNOW posts of the past year, garnering 10 times the views of a typical post. As a follow up, let’s explore the trend of bladeless ceiling [...]

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Important New Research Shows Light Therapy Could Reduce Heart Disease

Researchers at the University of Buffalo have published a study demonstrating that light therapy reduces heart disease in mice. If these results hold true in human trials, this could be an extremely important finding. Heart disease is the #1 cause of death in the U.S. One in five Americans dies of heart disease. A simple, [...]

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Researchers Demonstrate Light Filtering Windows That Biomimic Squid Skin

Researchers at the University of Toronto demonstrated a window technology that utilizes multiple layers of plastic sheets that can be filled with different pigments to selectively filter infrared (IR) heat and/or visible light. This approach has the potential to dramatically reduce HVAC energy requirements for buildings. Different layers within the prototype window filter out infrared [...]

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Lumens Develops Stacked R-G-B Micro-LEDs

Korean micro-LED manufacturer, Lumens, announced in January, the development of R-G-B micro-LEDs grown in a stack, on a single wafer / substrate (aka monolithic). The benefits of this approach include reducing the transfer process by two-thirds, reducing costs, and increasing productivity. The first applications for this technology are the micro-LED display markets, including TV, AR, [...]

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