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Lighting Controls Association Expands Energy Codes Online Course

The Lighting Controls Association (LCA) has published a new course to enhance its Education Express program: EE203: Lighting and Commercial Energy Codes, Part 2: ASHRAE/IES 90.1-2013 and IECC 2015. Complying with a Department of Energy mandate, a growing number of states are adopting commercial building energy codes at least as stringent as ASHRAE/IES 90.1-2013 and […]


Happy to announce the third episode in my WW2 submarine thriller series, BATTLE STATIONS, is now available for Kindle. A trade paperback and audiobook will be out shortly as well. I’ve been published in small press and by big houses like Simon & Schuster. This series marks my first foray into self-publishing, and it’s been […]

Product Monday: Vivat Pathway Lights by Structura

Structura’s Vivat aluminum and wood bollards provide pathway or marker lighting using a 4W LED; 4-in. x 4-in. footprint. Learn more here.

LED Pendant Powered by Living Organisms

Dutch designer Teresa van Dongen has created Spark of Life, an LED pendant powered by bacteria. The bacteria are electrochemically active, producing sufficient current to power the LEDs and produce light. The vessels need to be cleaned and refilled with water, salt and vitamins periodically, while the bacteria remain in the electrode. Van Dongen is […]

Building Design Revenue Topped $28 Billion in 2015

U.S. architecture firms have experienced a near complete recovery from the Great Recession, which has allowed firm leaders to reinvest profits back into their businesses. These findings, along with an in depth look at topics such as firm billings, staffing, and international work, are covered in the The Business of Architecture: 2016 Firm Survey Report. […]

Light, “One of the Great Impalpable Joys of Life”

Writing for THE GUARDIAN, feature writer Laura Burton describes humanity’s pursuit of light, writing: “Light lies a bedfellow of music, electricity, love, as one of the great impalpable joys of life, a cause for celebration and wonder, a source of endless desire.” It is wonderful to see mainstream media publications writing about the joy of […]

Plant Roots in the Dark See Light

Light is not only a source of energy for plants but also an important signal which regulates many light-dependent growth processes allowing it to effectively adapt to its environment. Light is first detected by photoreceptors in the shoot of a plant. For more than three decades, scientists have been speculating whether roots are also able […]

Product Monday: Black Pottery Pendant Light by David Pompa

Available from dealers in Mexico, the Vitrif Barro Negro pendant combines black pottery, copper and enamel. Finishes include polished, enameled and contaminated copper. A 5W GU10 2700K LED produces 400 lumens of light. Click here to learn more.

CLTC’s Advanced Daylighting Lab Gets a Facelift

As part of current research sponsored by Southern California Edison, the California Lighting Technology Center (CLTC) is updating its Advanced Daylighting Lab to include dynamic fenestration and integration of electric lighting and HVAC systems. Activities are being conducted in collaboration with ready-to-integrate manufacturing partners so that new systems can more quickly and effectively transition to […]

CLUE Announces Third Competition

The third Community Lighting for the Urban Environment (CLUE) competition, sponsored by Philips Lighting University, is now welcoming submissions. This year’s CLUE competition carries the general theme, “One for Light, Light for All.” Industry-college and university students as well as young professionals are invited to propose innovative lighting solutions around the specific theme of extending […]