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Nurse Builds “Light of Appreciation”

Colorado nurse Laura Weiss temporarily came out of retirement to help her colleagues vaccinated thousands of people against COVID-19 in Boulder, jabbing as many as a thousand people a day. She marked the effort with an homage to healthcare heroes, a chandelier constructed from empty vaccine vials.

Light + Art

New Novel by LightNOW Editor

Many of you know that besides providing journalism and education to the lighting industry, I also write fiction. My latest novel from Hachette Book Group is The Children of Red Peak, a psychological thriller with cosmic horror elements.

Light + Art

Atelier des Lumières Produces Immersive Exhibits

Sited at a former foundry in Paris, France, Atelier des Lumières is a unique art center presenting classic art pieces using music and video exhibitions, with artwork projected onto all surfaces for an immersive experience. Here’s the Van Vogh exhibit for your viewing pleasure.

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Light Painting with Drones

Reuben Wu recently photographed LED drones over Bolivia’s Salar de Uyuni salt flats to produce a fascinating series of “aeroglyphs.”

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Liz West’s “Our Colour” Exhibit Wows

British artist Liz West’s 2016 art installation, “Our Colour” transformed an architectural space with spectrum.

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A Meditation on Light

Take a break today and meditate on light in this Adult Swim compilation.

Light + Art

Animated Movies Need Lighting Designers Too

Dan O’Brien, an artist who does lighting for animated movies, had a hard time describing exactly what he did for a living. Then he Tweeted before and after shots.

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The Onion: IEC to Phase Orange from Visible Light Spectrum

Satirical site The Onion recently published an article claiming the International Commission on Illumination plans to eliminate orange from the visible light spectrum, citing it as an unpopular relic of the 1970s.

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Filming the Speed of Light at 10 Trillion FPS

Gavin Free and Daniel Gruchy of the Slow Mo Guys, a British science and technology entertainment web series dedicated to filming things in extreme slow motion, captured the transmission of light at 10 trillion frames per second.

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Grand Canyon Becomes International Dark Sky Park

CNN recently reported the Grand Canyon has been certified by the International Dark-Sky Association as an International Dark Sky Park.


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