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DOE Data on Large Hospitals

The Department of Energy’s Commercial Buildings Energy Consumption Survey is one of the most valuable ongoing research resources for the lighting industry, profiling number of buildings, floorspace square footage and other information by building market type. Unfortunately, the 2007 CBECS was scrapped due to poor research method, and DOE is still working on the next […]

Interview about Senior Facilities Lighting with James Massa, Regional Sales Manager for Kenall Lighting

I recently had the opportunity to interview Jay Massa, regional sales manager for Kenall Lighting, for an article I wrote about senior facilities lighting for The Electrical Distributor (TED) Magazine. The interview was extremely informative, and I wanted to share it with you complete here. DiLouie: What are the major recent trends in how senior […]

Product Monday: RTL LED Roadway Luminaires by Toshiba

Toshiba International Corporation’s TLS-RTLM and TLS-RTLS LED Roadway Luminaires are available in two sizes, the short blade RTLS and the medium blade RTLM, and feature an integral photocell system with a 15-year rated life. The integral photocell system also provides automatic dimming capabilities, which reduces energy costs by automatically adjusting light output at dusk and […]

L Prize Winner Still Going Strong After 25,000 Hours

Well, this is impressive–and Philips is already in a next generation from this original technology. The Department of Energy has reported the LED lamp from Philips Lighting North America that won L Prize in the 60W replacement category has shown no falloff in light output after 25,000 hours of continuous lumen maintenance testing. When the […]

Jim Brodrick on SSL Standards

Republication of Postings from the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) Solid-State Lighting Program by Jim Brodrick, U.S. Department of Energy In the world of SSL, the unsung heroes who develop the standards and test methods that consistently characterize product performance and ensure safety have been at it for nearly a decade, under the auspices of […]

Lighting Equipment Shipments Continued to Improve During the First Quarter of 2013

NEMA’s Lighting Systems Index increased in the first quarter of 2013 following a 3.4 gain in the fourth quarter of 2012, growing 5.4 percent on a quarter-to-quarter basis and by 3.8 percent on a year-over-year basis. Lighting equipment demand has struggled to gain traction since the recovery began and remains well below the levels observed […]

Lighting Research Center at Rensselaer Launches Interactive Home Lighting Resource

The Lighting Research Center (LRC) at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute has launched Lighting Patterns for Homes, an interactive website to help homeowners, contractors and builders choose the right lamps, luminaires and controls to maximize energy savings, calculate lighting costs and achieve lighting effects to meet a wide range of needs in their homes. It also shows […]

Product Monday: Lightline Movable Wall by KI

Lightline by KI is a pre-assembled, unitized glass wall system designed to flexibility in design and daylight in spaces. Unlimited butt-glazing (with no vertical posts) eliminates visual breaks, and its slim, compact rectilinear profiles are diminutive. Installed walls can be easily reconfigured as space layouts change.

New Book Illuminates Candelas, Lumens and Lux

CANDELAS, LUMENS AND LUX (146 pp., softcover) by Owen F. Ransen is a brief and light introduction to the concepts and mathematics of illumination. The book is aimed at architects, civil engineers, road engineers, photographers, interior designers as well as anyone who needs to understand artificial lighting. The book can be used as the basis […]

A Matter of Light

ARCHITECTURAL LIGHTING recently published an interesting article about lighting artist James Turrell. Check it out here.