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Glare 101

Lighting designers have a responsibility to provide lighting systems that deliver visual comfort, which goes beyond simple visibility by addressing issues such as glare. This article, which I wrote for Electrical Contractor Magazine, describes the basics of glare, and how to address it.

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Introduction to Fluorescent Dimming Ballasts

Dimming offers greater flexibility for lighting systems, providing users with more control over their lighting conditions to support visual needs and enabling energy management strategies that can reduce energy costs. Traditionally limited to high-end commercial building applications, such as conference rooms and private offices, dimming is now being implemented throughout buildings. In its August issue, [...]

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What’s New In Linear Fluorescent Lamps And Ballasts?

Significant innovation in linear fluorescent lighting is being spurred on by commercial building energy codes, sustainability initiatives, new legislation and regulations, customer demands and competition from other light sources, such as light-emitting diodes (LEDs). In short, fluorescent lighting is generally become more efficient, more controllable and longer life. Check out this article I wrote for [...]


Electrical Contractor Magazine Publishes Article on OLEDs

For its April cover story, Electrical Contractor Magazine published an article I wrote about OLEDs, drawing on information provided by the Department of Energy and Acuity Brands’ Peter Ngai. Some industry observers have predicted that solid-state lighting technology (SSL) will satisfy most lighting applications by the end of the decade. One particular SSL technology on [...]

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Electrical Contractor Publishes Article on The Importance of Wall Lighting

In December 2010, Electrical Contractor published “Walk Toward the Light,” an article I wrote about the importance of ensuring proper illumination of vertical surfaces, particularly in projects such as LEED projects, which squeeze lighting watts to an extent that risks to lighting quality increase. The article describes the rationale behind wall lighting and its benefits, [...]

Lighting Design

How Wall Finishes Can Save Lighting Energy

My most recent lighting column in Electrical Contractor Magazine describes the role of surface reflectances in the overall efficiency of lighting applications. Because surfaces and objects in typical spaces reflect light, they can play a part in lighting efficiency as extensions of the lighting system. By controlling room surface reflectances, light levels can be improved, [...]

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Electrical Contractor Publishes Article on ENERGY STAR for LED Replacement Lamps

ENERGY STAR is a voluntary labeling program designed to help consumers identify energy-efficient, cost-effective products. To earn the label, a manufacturer’s product must meet strict efficiency and performance criteria established by the Federal government. On Aug. 31, 2010, the final ENERGY STAR criteria for integral LED replacement lamps became effective.


Nearly 600 Lighting Products Now Carry the Lighting Facts Label

In late 2008, DOE and the Next Generation Lighting Industry Alliance launched the Quality Advocates Initiative. Participating manufacturers voluntarily pledge to follow certain guidelines and labeling to report performance claims for their products. Click here to take a look at an article I wrote about the program for Electrical Contractor Magazine. In June, there were [...]

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Electrical Contractor Magazine Publishes Feature on How to Read a Luminaire Photometric Report

Electrical Contractor Magazine recently published an article I wrote about how to read a luminaire photometric report, part 2 in a short 2-part series on lighting design basics. The article includes how photometric measurements are taken, what kind of useful outputs are generated, and how to read and interpret those outputs. Check it out here. [...]

Lighting Design

Electrical Contractor Publishes Feature About Lighting Design Techniques

An article I wrote for Electrical Contractor Magazine about lighting design and, specifically, different techniques used to apply light to spaces, was published in the April issue. If you’re interested in a good introduction to basic design techniques, I highly recommend a read. Check it out here.


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