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GE Vid Showcases OLED Concepts

Check out this video from GE, which showcases a number of potential applications for OLEDs, including illuminated clothing (e.g., emergency services gear), decorative “wall peel” lighting, portable lighting, concealed lighting, signage and luminous stairs. Wow!

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Are CFLs Net Emitters of Mercury?

“Incandescents are better than CFLs because CFLs contain mercury.” There are many arguments against favoring CFLs over incandescents, and I agree with many of them, but this one doesn’t wash. Click here to read this article I wrote for Electrical Contractor that makes a clear case that incandescents are actually the true net emitters of [...]

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Studio Italia Design’s Magnetita LED Table Light

Venetian lighting company Studio Italia Design commissioned self-taught artist, Denis Santachiara to create Magnetita, a contemporary, fully adjustable LED table light. The product features an advanced balancing system in which magnets maintain the luminaire’s equilibrium for precise movement. I checked on Studio Italia Design USA and the product wasn’t listed there as of June 17. [...]

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Peerless Lighting’s Kite

Design Excellence Award winner at the Lightfair 2009 Innovation Awards, Peerless Lighting’s Kite is an indirect/direct suspended luminaire that couples LED technology with sophisticated light extractor optics; the edge-lit optic converts multiple LED point sources into uniform, glare-free illumination without a direct line of sight to the source. Each 4-ft. section produces a nominal 4,000 [...]

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The Zenn of Light: Énergie’s LED Luminaire

Énergie Lighting has added an elegantly dimensioned LED luminaire to its Zenn lighting family. Measuring ½-in. x 16 in., this recessed wall luminaire provides a pleasant glow in a choice of blue or white light. Click here to learn more.

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HUNT Introduces LED Controller

HUNT Dimming’s Simplicity LED Controller provides state-of-the-control for select LED drivers/sources for high-end applications. If you went to Lightfair, you may have seen the controller in a number of booths. Click here for more information about the product.

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Researchers Claim Achieving 90 Lumens/W with OLED

Dresden University and German OLED company Novaled are claiming that they have achieved a source efficacy of 90 lumens/W. With this accomplished, researchers say they must now achieve their next breakthrough in increasing service life to make OLEDs competitive with other sources in general lighting applications. Get the story here at EE Times.

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Venture Lighting Institute Offers Online Webinars

The Venture Lighting Institute is offering a a webinar training series for free starting June 11 through the end of 2009. This online series covers lighting concepts to Venture products. The curriculum is designed towards key audiences such as electrical distributors and lighting designers. The series is offered once a month for a half hour [...]

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WAC Introduces OLED Prototypes

WAC Lighting showcased two innovative OLED fixture prototypes at Lightfair last month, including an OLED mini chandelier and an OLED wall sconce. The OLED Wall Sconce features six color changeable three-inch OLEDs. The mini chandelier uses eight colorful, transparent, one-inch OLEDs, including a panel depicting the WAC Lighting logo. Each OLED draws only 0.18W; each [...]


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