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Matter-Compatible Smart Lighting Products Hitting The Market

There are many Matter-compatible smart lighting products beginning to hit the market. Matter is a smart home standard developed by the Connectivity Standards Alliance (formerly the Zigbee Alliance) in collaboration with other leading companies in the smart home industry. Matter is designed to provide greater interoperability between smart home devices, allowing them to work seamlessly [...]

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What Happens When Powerlines Go Underground And Telephone Lines Are Turned Off?

What happens when the impacts of electrification collide with the obsolescence of telecommunications infrastructure? We’re all going to find out. Last week, I learned of two seemingly unrelated things: Undergrounding Powerlines Electrification of buildings and transportation raise the stakes for grid reliability / resiliency. Historically, power outages take out lighting, appliances, and HVAC systems. We’re [...]

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Residential Smart Lighting Gaining Market Share

Both Forbes and the E-commerce site Houzz have recently published about the growing adoption of residential smart lighting. According to Houzz smart lighting grew from 14% of Houzz lighting purchases in 2021 to 17% in 2022. The March 31, 2023 Forbes article interviewed designers and found ever greater adoption rates. Designers around the country shared [...]

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Q1 2023 Acquisitions

Here is a quick summary of seven acquisitions, two divestments, and one closure announced in the first quarter of 2023: Saylite acquired Vantage Lighting. Details here. Prosperity Group acquired Traxon Technologies. Details here. Synapse Wireless acquired by EdgePower. Details here. ABB divesting its emergency lighting business. Details here. Igor acquired by four investors. Details here. [...]

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LightFair Update

LightFair is happening next month, May 21-25, at the Javits Center in New York City. Here is a quick update on the conference and Expo, as well as a discount code: 314 exhibitors listed on the LightFair website, as of April 1, 2023. I’ll be presenting two conference sessions: Electrification Impacts On The Lighting Industry, [...]

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Lighting And Innovation Part 2 of 4: It Takes A Stack

By Clifton Stanley Lemon This is the second post in a four-part series on Lighting and Innovation. The first post can be read here. It’s supremely ironic that we are, ostensibly, in a state of stagnating innovation in lighting today, given that the universal symbol of innovation and inspiration is…the light bulb. Of course, the [...]

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Lighting and Innovation – Part One Of A Four-Part Series

By Clifton Stanley Lemon Series Description In the lighting industry, we suffer from a collective lapse of imagination – where are the real innovations driven by the most compelling capabilities of SSL? We’re still chasing energy efficiency even though lighting long ago became by far the most energy-efficient of all building systems. We have a [...]

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2023 Commercial Lighting Rebate Trends

2023 is generally looking to be a good year for commercial lighting rebates, according to BrightSwitch. Here are the top trends that they see for 2023: Over 3/4 of the US has a commercial lighting rebate program. No dramatic change here. The most dramatic change is for rebates on general service lamps, such as A-19 [...]

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Color-Changing LED & Projectors Embraced By Churches

A.C. Lighting, Inc., an entertainment lighting value-added distributor, recently published an article about immersive color in houses of worship. Historically, houses of worship have used stained glass to wash a nave, sanctuary, or chapel with colorful light and to tell religious stories at the same time. Today, contemporary churches are accomplishing this with color-changing LED [...]

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What Ever Happened To Lighting Science Group?

I recently did a web search for GroAdvisors, one of the subsidiaries of Lighting Science Group Corporation (LSGC), and found their website was replaced with a 404 error message. I remember the big news in December 2021 when Healthe filed for bankruptcy, but those news stories never mentioned LSGC, nor any of its subsidiaries. I [...]


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