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Interview: The Circular Economy For Lighting

The GreenLight Alliance (GLA) is a non-profit organization with leadership across Europe and North America, dedicated to applying circular economy principles to the lighting industry, targeting specifiers to drive change. I interviewed Emilio Hernandez, Chair of the GreenLight Alliance about the GLA’s goals and strategies.

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Interview: Korrus’s CEO On The Recent Acquisition Of Circadian ZircLight

Korrus is the company that owns Ecosense, Soraa, Scuva, Tempo Industries, and now Circadian ZircLight. They focus on “Human Light Interaction (HLI),” which they define as seeking to understand human interactions with light, and creating technologies that better serve the needs of those humans.

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An Interview with Christina Halfpenny – Diversity, Inclusion & Culture at DLC

I had the pleasure of interviewing Christina Halfpenny about her approach to women in leadership positions, at the Design Lights Consortium (DLC), and on the subject more broadly.

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NEMA Luminaire Section UGR Task Force Chair Jeremy Yon Talks Glare Metrics

I recently had the opportunity to interview Jeremy Yon, Industry Relations Leader, GE Current, a Daintree company, and Chair of the NEMA Luminaire Section UGR Task Force, on the topic of application of the Unified Glare Rating (UGR) metric. Transcript follows.

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Signify’s Rahul Shira Talks Luminaire-Level Lighting Controls

I recently had the opportunity to interview Rahul Shira, Senior Product Marketing Manager, Signify, on the topic of luminaire-level lighting controls (LLLC). Transcript follows.

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BriteSwitch’s Leendert Jan Enthoven Talks 2022 Lighting Rebate Outlook

I recently had the opportunity to interview Leendert Jan Enthoven, President, BriteSwitch, LLC, a rebate fulfillment firm, on the topic of 2022 commercial lighting rebates and rebate trends.

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DLC’s Levin Nock on the New LUNA Technical Requirements for Outdoor Lighting

I recently had the opportunity to interview Levin Nock, PhD, Senior Technical Manager, DesignLights Consortium (DLC), for an article about the DLC’s new LUNA requirements I’m writing for the June issue of ELECTRICAL CONTRACTOR. Transcript follows.

Interviews + Opinion

Cooper’s Eric Jerger Talks Field-Adjustable Luminaires

I recently had the opportunity to interview Eric Jerger, VP and GM, Indoor Lighting, Cooper Lighting Solutions, for an article I’m writing for tED Magazine’s March 2022 issue. The topic? Field-adjustable luminaires.

Interviews + Opinion

RAB’s Ross Barna on Field-Adjustable Lighting

I recently had the opportunity to interview Ross Barna, CEO, RAB Lighting, Inc., for an article I’m writing for tED Magazine’s March 2022 issue. The topic: field-adjustable luminaires.

Interviews + Opinion

Get a Grip on Lighting: Mary Beth Gotti

In this featured episode of the Get a Grip on Lighting podcast, hosts Greg Ehrich, LC, former President of NAILD and owner of Premier Lighting, and Michael Colligan, an entrepreneur and inventor, interview Mary Beth Gotti, who served as Manager of the GE Lighting Institute in Cleveland for 18 years.

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