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Codes + Standards, Controls

D4i Standardizes Driver, Sensor, And Controller Connectivity

LCA Director of Education and LightNOW Founder, Craig DiLouie, recently authored an article explaining how D4i helps standardize luminaire level lighting control (LLLC) as one standardized approach to IoT lighting. By standardizing control and power requirements, D4i makes it much easier to mount sensors and communication devices on luminaires. In addition, intelligent D4i LED drivers inside the luminaire [...]

Codes + Standards

IES Approves Seven Standards

The IES announced the publication of seven recently approved standards.

Agriculture, Codes + Standards

DLC Horticultural Lighting Technical Requirements V3.0 Final Will Be Released November 30, 2022

On Wednesday, November 30, the DLC will release the final version of the horticultural lighting Technical Requirements V3.0 to support the acceleration of energy efficient lighting in controlled environment agriculture (CEA).

Codes + Standards, Energy + Environment

ENERGY STAR Proposes Sunset Of Lamps, Luminaires & Ceiling Fan Light Kit Programs

On Monday, November 14, 2022, ENERGY STAR issued a memo proposing to sunset its Lamps, Luminaires, and Ceiling Fan Light Kit programs.

Codes + Standards

IES Publishes Updated Recommended Practice For People In Outdoor Environments

The IES has published an update to its recommended practice for people in outdoor environments: ANSI/IES RP-43-22, Recommended Practice: Lighting Exterior Applications.

Codes + Standards, Legislation + Regulation

Four Changes In The 2023 National Electric Code Impacting Lighting

The National Electrical Code (NEC) updates every three years. David summarizes four changes in this code cycle (2023 edition of the NEC) that impact lighting.

Awards, Codes + Standards

Zhaga Establishes Smart City Sensor Awards

The Zhaga Consortium is launching the global Zhaga Smart City Sensor Awards to address the needs of many cities that have installed Zhaga-D4i certified streetlights. The awards encourage and recognize excellence in smart city sensors that can be installed on streetlights using the Zhaga Book 18 standard and are suitable for Zhaga-D4i certification.

Codes + Standards, Controls

US Government Launching Labeling Program For Cybersecurity Of IoT Devices

The Biden administration said it will launch a cybersecurity labeling program for consumer Internet of Things (IoT) devices starting in 2023 in an effort to protect Americans from “significant national security risks.”

Codes + Standards, Controls

It Matters: CSA Releases The Matter 1.0 Interoperability Standard For Smart Home IoT

The Connectivity Standards Alliance (CSA) released the Matter 1.0 specification and the opening of the Matter certification program on October 4th.

Codes + Standards, Energy + Environment

Proposed 2024 IECC Commercial Code Would Reduce New Commercial Building Energy Use

The Public Comment Draft #1 of the 2024 International Energy Conservation Code Commercial Provisions was released on September 6, 2022. With buildings currently representing 39% of U.S. carbon emissions, leading jurisdictions recognize the importance of using building codes and performance policies to respond to the effects of climate change and reduce future risks.


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