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RP-46 Published: Physiological & Behavioral Effects of Light

  IES has published ANSI/IES RP-46-23, Recommended Practice: Supporting the Physiological and Behavioral Effects of Lighting in Interior Daytime Environments. It is designed to be a companion to IES TM-18, translating the basic science of how light affects visual, circadian, neuroendocrine, and neurobehavioral responses in daytime interior environments, such as schools and offices. This recommended practice (RP) [...]

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A Summary Of WELL Building Standard Version 2.0 Lighting Requirements

Here is a summary of the WELL Building Standard Version 2.0 Lighting Requirements: Feature L01: Light Exposure – Provide indoor light exposure through daylight and electric light strategies. Option 1: Daylight simulation The project demonstrates, through computer simulations, that one of the following conditions are achievedOption 2: Interior layout One of the following requirements is [...]

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Wi-Fi HaLow Is Ready For Low-Power IoT

  The Wireless Broadband Alliance (WBA) has announced that Wi-Fi HaLow is ready for smart home and commercial IoT deployments across a range of verticals and use cases. Wi-Fi HaLow is designed for long-range and low-power connectivity and is based on the 802.11ah standard. The WBA has released a white paper that provides an overview [...]

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Silvair’s Szymon Slupik Talks Bluetooth NLC

Craig DiLouie, LC, CLCP recently had the opportunity to interview Szymon Slupik, President, CTO, Silvair about Bluetooth SIG’s new full-stack wireless lighting control standard, Bluetooth NLC.

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DLC Updates LUNA Technical Requirements

  The DLC recently released an update to the LUNA Technical Requirements to clarify and simplify the testing process for LUNA-eligible products. Table 3 has been added to the requirements, which summarizes worst-case photometric testing requirements for LUNA products for spectrum and distribution. The policy has also been changed so that mounting structures no longer [...]

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IES Publishes Updated LM-85 Optical And Electrical Measurements Of LED Sources

  IES has published ANSI/IES LM-85-23, Approved Method: Optical and Electrical Measurements of LED Sources, which describes the procedures for optical and electrical measurements of LED packages and arrays. The methods in this LM cover white and single-color LED sources and may also be applied to laser diode sources. LM-85 also covers different measurement methods, [...]

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IES Publishes RP-47 Recommended Practice: Landscape Lighting

  The IES has published ANSI/IES RP-47-23 Recommended Practice: Landscape Lighting. The PDF of RP-47 can be purchased online here at $84 for IES members, and $120 for non-members. The chapters include: 1.0 Introduction and Scope 2.0 Definition of Landscape Lighting 3.0 Landscape Lighting Design Process 4.0 Understanding Nature and Human Interactions With Landscape Lighting [...]

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ENERGY STAR Finalizes New Downlight Spec

The ENERGY STAR Downlights Specification Version 1.0 was finalized on November 16, 2023, is effective immediately, and takes full effect on January 1, 2025 with the sunset of the Luminaires spec. Downlights don’t have to be recessed to qualify for the program. For example, flushmount downlights and even wall mounted downlights can qualify. The new program [...]

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Zhaga Book 14 Published As IEC Standard

Zhaga, a global lighting industry consortium dedicated to the standardization and interoperability of LED lighting components, announced that Zhaga’s Book 14 has been officially designated as IEC Standard 63356-1. The Zhaga Consortium actively collaborates with global and regional standards development organizations, as well as national lighting entities, to promote the widespread adoption of Zhaga specifications. [...]

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NEMA, Zhaga, and Wire Connectors in Street Lighting Control Systems

By Maria Bragina, General Manager, Sundrax Electronics In the rapidly evolving lighting industry, the demand for efficient and reliable connection options has led to the standardization of specialized connectors like NEMA and Zhaga. This article explores the evolution and significance of NEMA connectors, shedding light on their historical roots and modern adaptations. Origin of NEMA [...]


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