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Lighting Industry

Q4 2022 Acquisitions

  Here is a quick summary of six acquisitions and one closure, announced in the fourth quarter of 2022: Midstream Lighting acquired Hyperion (horticultural lighting). Details here. Munich-based ARRI acquired Clay Paky (entertainment lighting) from ams Osram. Details here. Applied UV, Inc. acquired PURO Lighting & LED Supply Co. Details here. Legrand acquired Encelium Advanced [...]

Products + Technology

Near Field Communication Enabling Wireless Field-Programmable Drivers

In August, I wrote about Zhaga Book 25, “NFC Readers with Bluetooth Interface for In-Field Programming.”  Since then, more manufacturers have been introducing drivers with Near Field Communication (NFC) that allows a mobile device to field-program the drivers. One example is LEDVANCE’s new line of TapTronic Field-programmable NFC LED Drivers.  They are Field-programmable via LEDVANCE’s [...]

Construction + Economy

2023 Economic Forecast

Very happy new year, and thank you for being a LightNOW reader. To create a summary of the 2023 economic outlook, I’ve reviewed several forecasts, both from inside the electrical industry and beyond. Here is my summary: Nonresidential Construction: AIA’s consensus forecast for the 2023 nonresidential construction market calls for a 6% increase. 7% increase [...]

LED + SSL, Research

Running IR LEDs In Reverse For Active Cooling

The December issue of designing lighting (dl) magazine has an interesting story about recent research into running infrared (IR) LEDs in reverse polarity to create active cooling. One caveat for this approach to work is that the object to be cooled has to be incredibly close to the IR LED — less than 1 wavelength’s [...]

Construction + Economy, Lighting Industry

China Cancels Entry Restrictions Under New 0+3 Policy

China has canceled its harsh entry restrictions that were part of its Zero Covid policy. The new policy is called the “0+3” policy. Mainland China is expected to be fully open to entry on January 9, the start date of the new “0+3” policy. Overseas visitors to China will only need to quarantine for 3 days, and will no longer need [...]

Energy + Environment

U.S. Commercial Building Energy Intensity Decreased 12% From 2012 to 2018

The recently released 2018 Commercial Buildings Energy Consumption Survey (CBECS) by the U.S. Energy Information Administration (EIA) found that the total floorspace in commercial buildings had increased but energy consumption had not, compared with the last survey analyzing commercial building energy use, in 2012. This difference indicates that the consumption per square foot (energy intensity) had decreased, [...]

Products + Technology

Product Monday: Minimis’s NICK Luminaire Is Less Than A Square Inch

LED luminaires have been getting smaller for a long time, but Minimis takes it to extremes, claiming the smallest luminaires in the world. A good example is their NICK luminaire, measuring in at less than a square inch. The Florida-based company describes NICK as a micro-minuscule luminaire, and the world’s smallest recessed directional luminaire designed [...]

Controls, Products + Technology

Roku Launches Smart Lighting And Other Smart Home Products

Roku has expanded into the smart home space with white and colored smart bulbs, a Roku lightstrip, Roku smart plug, Roku indoor and outdoor security cams, Roku home video doorbell & chime, and a Roku panning cam. The products look similar to the Wyze‘s Cam v3, Cam Pan V2, Bulb Color and other products. The [...]

Energy + Environment, Legislation + Regulation

U.S. DOE Proposes Major Increase In General Service Lamp Efficacy Requirements

Earlier this week, the US Department of Energy (DOE) proposed a new energy efficiency standard for General Service Lamps (GSL). The new standard would impact an enormous variety of lamps, including A-lamps (CFL & LED), directional R & PAR lamps, and LED tubes (TLEDs). Right now it is still a proposal, but odds are good [...]

Dark Sky, Legislation + Regulation

DLC Compiles Outdoor Lighting Ordinances Across The US & Canada

The DLC compiled a list and interactive maps of locations with published outdoor lighting ordinances to mitigate light pollution. These maps show states, provinces, and cities/towns, throughout Canada and the U.S., with outdoor lighting ordinances. States and provinces shaded blue have a statewide/provincewide policy. The round markers indicate cities, towns, and counties with an ordinance. [...]


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