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Products + Technology

Product Monday: pureLiFi Launches Light Antenae ONE

pureLiFi, a leading LiFi component manufacturer, launched their latest Light Antenna Module at Mobile World Congress (MWC) in Barcelona. The cutting-edge wireless communications antenna is the first of its kind, smaller than a US dime and ready to enable LiFi in connected devices and smartphones at scale. The module will be compliant with the upcoming [...]

Products + Technology, Research

LiFi Can Now Work Around Corners And Be Securely Coded To End Devices

LEDs Magazine recently reported that engineers from Cisco are now claiming that light-based communications, known as LiFi, is gaining the capabilities to work around corners and be securely pre-coded to end devices.

Awards, Controls

DLC’s Networked Lighting Controls Online Qualified Product List Earns Top Product of the Year Award

The DesignLights Consortium’s (DLC) Networked Lighting Controls Online Qualified Product List recently received a Top Product of the Year Award in the elite Environment + Energy Leader Awards program.

Products + Technology

CEA-Leti Breaks Throughput Record for LiFi Using Micro LEDs

CEA-Leti recently announced its researchers have broken the throughput world record of 5.1 Gbps in visible light communications (VLC) using a single GaN blue micro- light-emitting diode (LED). Their data transmission rate of 7.7 Gbps achieved with a 10 µm microLED marks another step toward commercialization and widespread use of LiFi communication.

Interviews + Opinion

Get a Grip on Lighting Talks to the “Father of LiFi”

Harald Haas coined the phrase “LiFi” in 2011, and now he’s telling us it’s ready to enter version 2.0. He recently joined the Get a Grip on Lighting Podcast from the floor of the second Global LiFi Congress to catch us up on the history and development of light-based data transmission and its current applications in the fields of autonomous automobiles, privacy and security, and defense.

Lighting Industry

Signify Launches Trulifi

Signify recently announced it has launched a new range of LiFi systems, branded Trulifi, which leverages existing and future professional luminaires. Instead of using radio signals (such as WiFi, 4G/5G, Bluetooth, etc.), Trulifi uses light waves to enable reliable and secure two-way wireless communications at speeds far above most conventional workplace wireless technologies.

Products + Technology

Roundtable Discusses LiFi

LiFi is a revolutionary, emerging wireless communication technology that embeds data in visible light, specifically light produced by LEDs. To get an idea of how LiFi will impact the industry, I talked to four industry thought leaders to ask the question: “How do you see LiFi impacting the lighting industry and, in terms of opportunities and challenges, specifically electrical distributors?”

Products + Technology

Product Monday: SIG-Qualified Bluetooth Mesh Wireless Lighting Control System by Fulham

Fulham’s LED luminaire EliteControl hardware/software solution is a Bluetooth mesh wireless luminaire control system that includes an LED driver with a Bluetooth mesh interface, a new SmartBridge device for retrofitting luminaires with Bluetooth mesh controls, and an iOS commissioning app. All of Fulham’s Bluetooth mesh solutions have been qualified as interoperable by the Bluetooth Special Interest Group (SIG).

Craig’s Lighting Articles

LiFi Gets Real

Another contribution to the December 2018 issue of ELECTRICAL CONTRACTOR is a snapshot of LiFi, an innovative application of light for wireless communication that is now being commercialized.

Craig’s Lighting Articles, Products + Technology

LiFi Gets Real

My contribution to the December issue of tED Magazine, the official publication of the NAED, provides an update on the development of LiFi technology, including its early commercialization efforts.


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