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New LiFi Standard Doesn’t Use Visible Light And Is Not The Only One

New LiFi Standard Doesn’t Use Visible Light And Is Not The Only One


You may have heard that the IEEE has released a new and important LiFi standard for light communications, 802.11bb. What you may not have heard is that the standard is based on a portion of the infrared spectrum, which effectively separates LiFi from visible light sources. Light fixtures will no longer hold any advantage as the home for LiFi access points. LiFi could just as logically be placed in a smoke detector or a ceiling fan.

The other interesting item is that IEEE 802.11bb is not the only LiFi standard out there. There is an older LiFi standard from the International Telecommunication Union’s (ITU) G.9991, used in Philips Hue data-transmitting lamps from Signify.

IEEE is also developing a LiFi standard for industrial and medical applications, 802.15.13. More information on this industrial standard in development is available here. More information on 802.11bb is available here.


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