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Product Monday: pureLiFi Launches Light Antenae ONE

Close up of LiFi chip

pureLiFi, a leading LiFi component manufacturer, launched their latest Light Antenna Module at Mobile World Congress (MWC) in Barcelona. The cutting-edge wireless communications antenna is the first of its kind, smaller than a US dime and ready to enable LiFi in connected devices and smartphones at scale. The module will be compliant with the upcoming IEEE 802.11bb Light Communication standard, which is in its final stages of ratification.

LiFi is a wireless technology that uses light rather than radio frequencies to transmit data. A light antenna is an optoelectrical antenna that is designed to integrate just like a traditional RF antenna and enables LiFi in connected devices. By harnessing the light spectrum, LiFi can unleash faster, more reliable wireless communications with unparalleled security compared to conventional technologies such as WiFi and 5G.

Light Antenna ONE is optimized for performance, size, cost, and production requirements of the market, which will allow smartphone and connected device manufacturers to integrate LiFi at scale. Compliance with the upcoming IEEE 802.11bb standard means that LiFi will easily integrate with existing 802.11 WiFi networking equipment and also with 802.11 WiFi chipsets shipping in billions of devices each year.

More information is available here.

Image: pureLiFi

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