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Can the Impact of Human-centric Lighting be Measured?

Light and health, light and productivity–can it be measured? This LUX webinar explores whether the impact of human-centric lighting can be measured, and how. Check it out here.

Sylvania’s Pamela Price and Aaron Ganick on Residential Lighting Trends

I recently had the opportunity to interview Pamela Price, retail marketing manager, and Aaron Ganick, Head of SMART Home Americas, OSRAM SYLVANIA, for an article I wrote about residential lighting for the March issue of ELECTRICAL CONTRACTOR. The topic: trends in residential lighting. I’m pleased to share it with you here. DiLouie: What are the […]

Daylighting Performance Metrics Explained

ARCHITECTURAL LIGHTING recently published an article about annual daylighting performance metrics–Spatial Daylight Autonomy and Annual Sunlight Exposure–adopted by the IES. These metrics enable designers to quantify and evaluate the success of daylighted spaces. Check it out here.

Product Monday: Stream by Prudential

Prudential Lighting’s Stream Series creates an uninterrupted, uniform line of light, now available in multiple configurations ideal for a variety of lens-free “veiled source ambient” architectural applications. Stream Series Square: An uninterrupted line of light that extends as far as the blueprint dictates with veiled LED source and patented WhiteOptics 99% efficient reflector that provides […]

Masters of Light Webcast Series

The UK’s LIGHTING Magazine recently completed a series of live webcasts, “Masters of Light.” In this series, lighting designers, artists and architects talk about their work, methods and philosophy in one-hour retrospectives hosted by the magazine’s editors. Sign up here to check out the archived episodes.

The Female Form Dressed in Light

(may not be suitable for all audiences) Parisian photographer Dani Olivier wanted to do nude portraits that haven’t been done before. He had an idea: use the body as canvas for light projections. The results are quite beautiful. Check it out here.

Primer on IP Ratings

LUX recently published a primer on luminaire ingress protection (IP) ratings. Check it out here.

Tom Butters Named IES Director of Education

The Illuminating Engineering Society (IES) has appointed Tom Butters as the new IES Director of Education, effective August 1, 2016. This new position was established to address the growing need for continuing education courses in the lighting industry and the expanding role of education within IES for the benefit of its members. Butters will oversee […]

Product Monday: Cree Expands OSQ with Higher Output Luminaire

Cree has extended its OSQ Series Area and Flood LED luminaires with a new OSQ 28L Outdoor Area and Flood LED luminaire. This high-output option delivers up to 28,285 lumens, which enables the replacement of HID luminaires up to 1000W. The OSQ Series blends optical control, advanced thermal management and clean aesthetics to reduce maintenance […]

New Technology Converts Windows into Transparent Solar Panels

Based on a belief solar cells should be integrated with everyday products and surfaces, Ubiquitous Energy has developed the first transparent solar cell. The film can be applied to any surface to generate power. Imagine phones and tablets that can be recharged from light and skyscrapers that can use windows as solar energy sources.