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ENERGY STAR Proposes Sunset Of Lamps, Luminaires & Ceiling Fan Light Kit Programs

On Monday, November 14, 2022, ENERGY STAR issued a memo proposing to sunset its Lamps, Luminaires, and Ceiling Fan Light Kit programs.

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Sustainability And Light Emitting Diodes (LEDs)

A recent editorial in LD&A magazine noted that we no longer have to single out “LED” lighting projects because now almost all projects use LEDs. There is no question that LEDs have drastically reduced energy use in both new construction and retrofit projects. So much so that some are arguing if we even really need lighting energy codes anymore.

Codes + Standards, Energy + Environment

Proposed 2024 IECC Commercial Code Would Reduce New Commercial Building Energy Use

The Public Comment Draft #1 of the 2024 International Energy Conservation Code Commercial Provisions was released on September 6, 2022. With buildings currently representing 39% of U.S. carbon emissions, leading jurisdictions recognize the importance of using building codes and performance policies to respond to the effects of climate change and reduce future risks.

Codes + Standards, Energy + Environment

New Code For Existing Building Decarbonization Overlays 2021 IECC

A new model code from the New Buildings Institute (NBI) is designed to help cities tackle emissions, specifically from the large stock of existing buildings. The model code Existing Building Decarbonization Code was published on Sept. 19, 2022. It is considered an overlay to the 2021 International Energy Conservation Code (IECC) and an addition to the Building Decarbonization Code published by NBI in 2020.

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The Language of the Circular Economy

Do you wish you knew a little bit more about the circular economy and how it applies to sustainable lighting? The Sustainable Furnishings Council has recently published Circular Design Glossary: Furniture & Furnishings.

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German Manufacturer Calls For Design Shift To Delivered Efficacy

A German spotlight manufacturer, ERCO, has issued a public call for the lighting design industry to shift from luminaire efficacy (measured in lumens/Watt) to the “effectiveness of the light in the space” (aka “delivered efficacy,” measured in lux/Watt or foot-candles/Watt).

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Energy Efficiency Tax Deductions Expanded By The Inflation Reduction Act

The Inflation Reduction Act (IRA) of 2022 was signed into law on August 16, 2022. Among the provisions included in this bill is the expansion of the Section 179D tax deduction for building energy efficiency. Thousands of commercial building owners have utilized the 179D tax deduction since its inception in 2005, and this expansion potentially allows for many more to not only utilize the deduction but also claim larger amounts than previously available.

Energy + Environment, Legislation + Regulation

US DOE Releases Industrial Sector Decarbonization Agenda

The U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) released its “Industrial Decarbonization Roadmap” a comprehensive report identifying four key pathways to reduce industrial emissions in American manufacturing, on September 7, 2022.

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As Chinese Heatwave Eases, Power Restrictions On Factories Are Lifted

The southwestern Chinese province of Sichuan downgraded emergency energy supply measures last week, restoring power to some factories after weeks of rolling blackouts due to a heatwave-driven shortage.

Codes + Standards, Energy + Environment

The Circular Economy Applied To Emergency Lighting

A British emergency lighting manufacturer, Mackwell, shared the following information with LightNOW on how the emergency lighting industry in England is contributing to the evolving circular economy.

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