Anca D. Galasiu, National Research Council Canada and C. F. Reinhart, Massachusetts Institute of Technology have co-authored a report, Current Daylighting Design Practice: A Survey, which attempts to create a snapshot of current daylight design practices.

Their goals was to:

(1) understand which daylight performance indicators and design tools are currently used by design practitioners to integrate daylighting in their projects;
(2) identify the additional information needed beyond that available in current design guides; and
(3) advise on the content and format of a new daylighting design guide that addresses these needs.

The responses obtained from 177 participants showed that over 90% of the practitioners surveyed support the development of a new daylighting design guide that would provide online access to both simple calculation methods as well as more advanced daylighting design tools. Survey results also showed that a variety of non-standardized daylight prediction methods – primarily rules of thumb – are currently being used, and that there is no commonly acknowledged method of how to assess the performance and quality of a daylighting system in terms of energy savings, glare prevention, daylight factors, and the view to the outside.

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