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Translucent Concrete For Daylighting And Decorative Hardscapes

Photo of woman standing partially behind a piece of translucent concrete.

Image: Litracon

Translucent concrete, also known as light-transmitting concrete, is a building material that allows light to pass through it. It is made by embedding optical fibers in a concrete matrix, which allows the material to transmit light while still maintaining its structural integrity.

The fibers used in translucent concrete are typically made of glass or plastic and are either bundled together or scattered randomly throughout the concrete mix. The fibers can be oriented in different ways to create different patterns of light transmission, which can be used to create a variety of interesting and beautiful effects.

Translucent concrete has several potential applications, including as a building material for walls, floors, and ceilings, as well as for decorative purposes such as sculptures and art installations. It can also be used to create energy-efficient buildings, as it allows natural light to pass through the material and reduce the need for artificial lighting.

Some companies that lead in translucent concrete include:

  1. Litracon: Litracon is a Hungarian company that pioneered the development of translucent concrete. Their patented product is made by embedding thousands of optical fibers in concrete, which allows light to pass through.
  2. Lucem: Lucem is a German company that produces translucent concrete under the brand name “Luccon”. Their product is made by mixing concrete with optical fibers and other light-transmitting materials.
  3. Florack Bauunternehmung: Florack Bauunternehmung is a German construction company that specializes in the production of translucent concrete. They use a proprietary method to produce concrete with embedded glass fibers, which allows light to pass through.
  4. Italcementi: Italcementi is an Italian company that produces translucent concrete under the brand name “i.light”. Their product is made by mixing cement, aggregates, and optical fibers, which allows for the diffusion of light.
  5. Dupont: Dupont is an American company that has developed a translucent concrete product called “Corian Solid Surface Translucent Concrete”. Their product is made by mixing a proprietary translucent resin with concrete, which allows light to pass through.





Image: Litracon, Litracube Lamp


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