The New Buildings Institute just released a new market guide, Controlling Comfort and Energy in Offices, which outlines the benefits and best practices to implement lighting and shading retrofits in today’s market.

Authored by Kevin Carbonnier, PhD, Cathy Higgins, and Webly Bowles, AIA, the 12-page guide focuses on:

  • High-quality automated shading: Window treatments, which help counteract direct sunlight, glare, heat, and lack of privacy, are very common in office buildings. They come in many different forms, ranging from traditional manual blinds with strings to automated fabric shades. Today’s automated fabric shades can be pre-programmed to raise and lower according to sunlight patterns. Employees appreciate the benefits without having to spend the time getting shades just right.
  • Modern LED lighting with advanced controls. Innovative office building lighting systems, dominated by LED lighting, can be automated down to the individual fixture. Equipped with advanced wireless controls, individual fixtures will dim or shut off automatically based on conditions around each fixture. Employees, who have become accustomed to adjusting their own lighting while working remotely, can override the system and adjust their assigned fixture to suit their own preferences.

Click here to download it.