Craig’s Lighting Articles

Craig’s Lighting Articles

Lighting Predictions 2030

My contribution to the January 2022 of ELECTRICAL CONTRACTOR looks at BEYOND 2030, a publication by the Illuminating Engineering Society in which industry thought leaders imagine the state of lighting in 2030 and beyond, challenges our industry faces this decade, and where it should focus its energies.

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National Building Stock Study Reveals Ongoing Lighting Upgrade Opportunity

Commercial buildings in the United States are trending larger and more commonly feature LED lighting and occupancy sensors. While traditional light sources have declined in use, they remain prevalent in the nation’s estimated 5.9 million buildings, spelling a significant continuing upgrade opportunity, particularly in older buildings that have not been upgraded.

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ELECTRICAL CONTRACTOR: NEC 2020 Impacts 0–10V Control Wiring

Per a change in the 2020 National Electrical Code effective January 1, 2022, 0–10V (Class 2) dimming wire insulation colors have changed to eliminate use of any reserved colors, notably gray. The National Electrical Manufacturers Association (NEMA) responded with an industry guideline adopting pink as a substitute.

Craig’s Lighting Articles

LED Outdoor Lighting Matures

Application efficiency, visual comfort, color, control, and optical control are all key considerations when selecting a quality outdoor lighting solution today for new construction and upgrade projects. While this has certainly increased complexity, it has also enhanced opportunity for electrical professionals willing to invest in knowledge and stay on top of what’s new.

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ELECTRICAL CONTRACTOR: Outcome-Based Energy Codes

My lighting column for the November 2021 issue of ELECTRICAL CONTRACTOR tackles outcome-based energy codes.

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Lighting Control Takes on Plug Loads

My contribution to the October 2021 issue of tED Magazine covered growing demand for plug load control in new buildings, a need that can be handled by lighting control systems.

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NLB Program Identifies Trustworthy Warranties

My most recent contribution to ELECTRICAL CONTRACTOR talks about the Trusted Warranty Evaluation Program, a program recently introduced by the National Lighting Bureau to provide greater confidence and transparency with LED product warranties.

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DOE Releases Initial 2018 Commercial Buildings Energy Consumption Survey Results

Newly released data tables from the Energy Information Administration’s 2018 Commercial Buildings Energy Consumption Survey (CBECS) provide building characteristics information for the estimated 5.9 million U.S. commercial buildings in 2018.

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Trusted Warranties

My contribution to the October issue of ELECTRICAL CONTRACTOR talks about LED product warranties and the National Lighting Bureau’s recently launched Trusted Warranty Program.

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In my most recent contribution to ELECTRICAL CONTRACTOR, industry consultant Steve Mesh makes the case for ECs to get to know networked lighting control systems.


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