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Amazon Poised to Disrupt Electrical Distributor Industry

In an interesting blog post at, Nicholas Johnson states: Amazon Business head Prentis Wilson has openly identified Industrial Supply as a target for Amazon’s growing B2B marketplace. But one industry segment in particular stands out as ripe for disruption: the $160 billion electrical distribution industry. The reason: While other industry segments like electronics distribution […]

Community Lighting for The Urban Environment (CLUE) Announces Competition Winners

The third annual CLUE competition received more than 330 projects from more than 60 countries. The seven-member jury selected three projects: * First Prize to Andras Dankhazi (Ireland) for his project Collective Polyphony * Second Prize to Mina Saadatfard, Zahra Haghi and Hamid Peyro (Iran) for their project Shape-Shifting Lights * Third Prize to Helena […]

Rebate Trends in 2017

BriteSwitch recently reported three major rebate trends in 2017, including: * Rebate coverage reaching all-time high in United States * LED lamp replacements for HID soaring * Average dollar amounts declining for TLED and screwbase LED replacement lamps as costs decline Click here to learn more about these trends.

Trends in Outdoor Lighting

Below is my contribution to the April issue of tED Magazine. Reprinted with permission. Outdoor lighting has proven a key market for LED sources due to their durability, directionality, efficiency, longevity, color and optical control. While metal halide and high-pressure sodium remain predominant in the installed outdoor lighting base, LED has captured a majority of […]

Product Monday: Cove Light by Traxon

Traxon Technologies’ (OSRAM) Cove Light AC DIM GII solution is a compact indoor indirect luminaire available in low- and high-output versions and a various color temperatures. Smooth, flicker-free dimming. Universal line-voltage input. Click here to learn more.

ELECTRICAL CONTRACTOR Article Covers Tunable-White Lighting

My contributions to the February issue of ELECTRICAL CONTRACTOR included an extended feature on tunable-white LED lighting, covering color basics, product types, color quality, control and applications. Check it out here.

Jim Brodrick on LED Troffers

Republication of Postings from the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) Solid-State Lighting Program by Jim Brodrick, SSL Program Manager, U.S. Department of Energy Troffers are a staple of the lighting industry, providing economical ambi¬ent lighting in offices, schools, and commercial spaces. They come in a variety of form factors — typically 2×4, 2×2, and 1×4 […]

Lighting Facts Offers Specification Tool

The Department of Energy’s new LED Lighting Facts Specification Tool enables specifiers to search and filter products in the Lighting Facts database. Specifiers can set up project folders, conducted filtered searches for products, and tag those products and spec sheets to projects, eventually building a preliminary luminaire schedule. They can then communicate directly with manufacturers […]

NALMCO’s CLCP Certification

Below is a short news article I wrote for tED Magazine on the topic of NALMCO’s new controls certification. Reprinted with permission. The interNational Association of Lighting Management Companies (NALMCO) has launched the Certified Lighting Controls Professional (CLCP) designation. With no prerequisites, the CLCP is open to all professionals in the building, information technology and […]

Product Monday: High-CRI LED Lamp by Green Creative

Green Creative’s MR16 8.5W HIGH CRI, recently selected as a winner in LEDs Magazine’s annual Sapphire Awards, offers 500 lumens with a center beam candlepower of 2,950 candelas and 92 CRI (R9 of 65 and R13 of 93). This ENERGY STAR-certified lamp offers an efficient alternative to 75W halogens. Spot, narrow flood and flood beam […]