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Stockholm’s Amazing Subway System

A hundred stations, each beautifully designed. Check it out here.

ASB Glassfloor Offers Amazing Possibilities for Events

ASB Glassfloor features integral LED lines that can be turned ON, OFF or changed on demand to adapt a floor for different events. For example, a court could be adapted to different sporting events: Even greater possibilities may be achieved by displaying scoreboards or video under the floor as well, enabling the court to be […]

Luminarium Offers Entry Into World of Light and Color

Nottingham artist Alan Parkinson’s Architects of Air tours with luminariums, inflatable mazes of tunnels, paths and domes that immerse visitors in a world of light and color. Learn more about the Luminarium, touring dates and locations, etc. here. Check out the experience in this video:

Korean Supermarket Chain Emart Uses LED Lighting for Communication

Korean supermarket chain Emart uses LED lights and smart phones (with an Emart app) to guide shoppers around the store and alert them to discounts. This technology opens a world of future possibilities, allowing spaces to talk directly to users.

Product Monday: SKYY Pendant by DigitalSpeck

DigitalSpeck Lighting by Manning’s SKYY pendant features an LED downlight with a choice of four housing designs. The heat sink at the top houses the LED driver powering 12 Cree XPG Series LEDs and optics to produce performance nearly equivalent to a 300W incandescent flood lamp for less than 40W. Available with 0-10V dimming. Click […]

Chris Fraser’s Amazing Art Using Light

You should catch the work of Chris Fraser, a light artist from San Francisco, who creates drawings using light. Catch his portfolio here. You can see his experiments here. Here are a few samples of his work:

Lighting Research Center Launches Light and Health Alliance

The Lighting Research Center (LRC) at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute has launched a new collaborative initiative—the Light and Health Alliance—to bridge the science of light and health to practical applications, and to provide objective information based on basic and applied research. The Alliance is led by Dr. Mariana Figueiro, LRC Light and Health Program director and […]

UL Standards Applicable to LED Lighting

LED Journal recently published a useful summary of UL standards applicable to LED lighting, written by Diana Pappas Jordan, Standards Program Manager. Get it here.

After the Recession, the Restructuring

ARCHITECTURAL LIGHTING recently published an article by Bill Millard about the impact of the recent recession and current recovery on the lighting design profession. He writes: “An accelerated pace of work and a steep learning curve have become common practice for contemporary lighting designers. These demands are only partly the result of new technology, say […]

Product Monday: Vela OLED Chandelier and Wall Sconce by WAC Lighting

WAC Lighting’s Vela OLED Chandelier and Wall Sconce is defined by a dramatic contemporary profile. It features 12 OLED panels that illuminate surfaces below and 12 additional OLEDs that shine upward to render a soft ambiance that evokes a lighter sense of space and visual comfort. The Vela OLED Wall Sconce is designed in a […]