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Lighting Controls Association Publishes Webinar for Utilities and Energy Efficiency Organizations

The Lighting Controls Association invites the electric power industry into a partnership to advance education about energy-saving lighting controls. I recently produced a 16-minute webinar introducing electric utilities, independent system operators and energy efficiency organizations to the Lighting Controls Association and its capabilities. The webinar presents the case for the importance of lighting in energy […]

Interview with Stephen Blackman, President and Chief Design Officer for Blackjack Lighting

Stephen Blackman, President and Chief Design Officer, BlackJack Lighting, recently published a whitepaper about OLED technology that really got me thinking about its design possibilities. I enjoyed the opportunity to interview him about his vision concerning the potential for OLED as a lighting technology. DiLouie: Why OLED? Blackman: OLED is a very exciting, up and […]

Interview about Healthcare Facilities Lighting with Tony Sarti, Healthcare Sales Manager for Kenall Manufacturing

I recently had the opportunity to interview Tony Sarti, Healthcare Sales Manager for Kenall Manufacturing, for an article I wrote about healthcare facilities lighting for The Electrical Distributor (TED) Magazine. The interview was extremely informative, and I wanted to share it with you complete here. DiLouie: How would you characterize healthcare facilities as a market […]

Is L90 Really Better Than L70?

Kenall Lighting’s Nate Heiking makes the case that L90 may not be all it’s cracked up to be when evaluating rated life for LED luminaires. What do you think? ARCHITECTURAL SSL has the story here.

DOE Publishes Major New Study on Residential Lighting Use

DOE has published a collaborative study focused on developing new estimates of residential lighting usage and energy consumption at the national and regional levels. The study, Residential Lighting End-Use Consumption Study: Estimation Framework and Initial Estimates, developed a framework that allows for the estimation of U.S. lamp usage and energy consumption not only nationally and […]

Product Monday: ELeaf OLED Modules by Panasonic

Universal Lighting Technologies is bringing Panasonic ELeaf OLED modules to North America, providing luminaire OEMs new opportunities in product design. Only 9mm thick, each OLED module features a square light emitting surface (LES) area of 80mm x 80mm that produces a diffuse and uniform white light. Arranged together, ELeaf OLED modules can create an entire […]

2013 Nonresidential Construction Recovery Slows Down

With slower than expected activity in the nonresidential construction sector in the first half of the year, the projections for growth in spending have been scaled back. Led by the hotel and retail project categories, the commercial sector looks largely unchanged, but a noteworthy drop in demand for institutional projects has caused participants in the […]

The Future of Commercial Efficiency Programs and LED Lighting

Dan Mellinger, PE, LC, Lighting Strategy Manager for Efficiency Vermont, recently published a whitepaper that discusses the future of commercial efficiency programs and LED lighting. It addresses the significant opportunity that remains, despite years of fluorescent upgrades, and the importance of controls and design. Check it out here.

FMI: Residential Construction Shows Significant Improvement

Phil Warner, Research Consultant for FMI Corporation, says improvement in residential construction is the primary area of growth in the firm’s latest construction forecast: Most other sectors, while still improving over 2012, are growing at a somewhat slower rate. One of the reasons for this slow growth continues to be uncertainty caused by the federal […]

LightNOW Editor Named to List of Top Five Lighting Experts

It was a real honor to be included in’s list of “top five lighting experts to follow” along with James Bedell, Joe Salimando, Linda Longo, Seth Leitman and Ray Molony! Check it out here.