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Product Monday: Barz + Brilliance By USG Ceilings Plus

  The ceiling systems industry has been gradually integrating LED lighting for some time. Now they are taking it to new heights (pun intended). Barz® + Brilliance™ is a single comprehensive linear solution from USG Ceilings Plus, with integrated lighting that is fully customizable. It’s a high-end custom solution offering static and color-tunable lighting features, [...]

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Product Monday: Category Growth For Artificial Skylights With “Sun”

The first company to produce an artificial skylight with a sun moving across a blue sky was CoeLux. The Italian company sprang from research by Founder, CEO, and scientist Prof. Paolo Di Trapani, in 2009. See image above. More information here. Since then, other companies have jumped into the category. Innerscene launched it’s first virtual [...]

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Product Monday: Verozza’s MODULINE Track System Is Both Minimalist & Feature-Rich

  Verozza’s MODULINE Low Voltage Track System excels at combining minimalist appearance with lots of value-added features. MODULINE is a 48V magnetic low-voltage track system that easily integrates general and accent lighting fixtures into a small, modular design. Fixtures attach magnetically into the 1” track for easy installation and design flexibility. The track can be [...]

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Product Monday: HYDREL FLAME Combines RGBW & Dual Beam Angles In One Luminaire

  HYDREL, an Acuity Brand, has created a new twist on RGBW architectural lighting. The new FLAME floodlight combines two RGBW beam angles in a single luminaire, creating a colored flame effect. The central beam can be one color, while the outer beam can be another color. The product is offered in three distributions (see [...]

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Product Monday: Touchless Switches With Microban Surface

radiant Wave Switch by Legrand. Image: Legrand. Legrand now offers touchless Wave Switches to reduce the spread of germs. Wave Switches allow users to turn lights (or small motors) on and off with a simple wave of their hand. Wave Switches install easily in place of an existing switch to offer clean and convenient control [...]

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Product Monday: Self-Cleaning Solar Street Light

  The only product at LightFair that caught my eye from over 30 yards away was a self-cleaning solar street light from a Chinese factory called Sresky. The product family is named Thermos, and it is available in a variety of sizes, wattages, and outputs (4,000 – 12,000 lumens). This product family is also part [...]

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Product Monday: MetroSpec Technology’s FlexRad BoardOnCoil (BOC) Minnie Win’s BrightStar Award

  MetroSpec Technology has won a BrightStar Award from LEDs Magazine for its spot light module, FlexRad BoardOnCoil Minnie. It’s innovative thermal management consists of direct bonding of a copper coil and easy air flow through the center of the assembly. The FlexRad BOC Minnie can be used for pendant downlights, spot lights, sconces, acrylic [...]

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Product Monday: Bluetooth Goes Long-Range And Outdoors

An increasing number of manufacturers of Bluetooth® wireless lighting control components have recently released long-range / outdoor components. Some examples include: LiteTrace Casambi McWong in partnership with Silvair These long-range components can include: fixture controllers, sensors, and signal boosters. Most of these manufacturers utilize external antennas to achieve ranges between 500 to 1,000 feet between [...]

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Product Monday: Aquafire Makes “Fire” With Water Vapor + LEDs

  Aquafire by Lumina Products gives a new meaning to “lighting a fire!” The company has perfected water vapor flames illuminated by colored LEDs. Aquafire generates a water vapor mist that is gently pushed with fans from the mist chamber to the top of the unit through a diffuser vent. The vapor is then backlit [...]

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Product Monday: Projecting Fire & Water

Another fun find at LEDucation was a set of LED projectors with dual gobos that spin in opposite directions, creating the effects of moving water and moving fire. The company is Rosco. The X-Effects LED Projectors can achieve a variety of different lighting effects by changing gobos or adding color into either the Static Gobo/Filter [...]


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