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Product Monday: Milwaukee Tool Reinvents The Cordless Site Light

  The M18 RADIUS Site Light/Charger with ONE-KEY sets a new standard for cordless lights. Capable of running off of one or two battery packs, The RADIUS™ Site/Light Charger with ONE-KEY delivers full workspace coverage with 9,000 lumens for maximum 360° coverage. Adjustable output levels give the user the ability to light the site for [...]

Lighting Industry

Product Monday: ArtMorph by CECOCECO – A Fusion Of Lighting, Display, and Textures

By Jason Lu, Founder, CECOCECO The lighting industry is witnessing a continuous evolution, driven by technological advancements and creative explorations. ArtMorph, introduced by CECOCECO, is a blend of lighting, display technology, and design. The Concept ArtMorph combines high-resolution LED displays with diverse natural textures like wood, stone, textile, and metal. This integration isn’t just about [...]

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Product Monday: Banana Republic Enters Decorative Lighting

  Clothing retailer, Banana Republic, expanded into the home textiles market in March of 2023 with its new brand, BR Home. The home textile brand features patterns and richly textured fabrics, such as intricately hand-knotted rugs and luxurious bedding in linen, sateen, and a cotton-cashmere-silk blend. In September 2023, BR Home expanded their collection to [...]

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Product Monday: Optique Lighting’s Orbita Collection, Nano Linear Architectural Luminaires

  Optique Lighting has announced the release of their Orbita Collection of Nano Linear Architectural Luminaires, including two sconces and a wall mount luminaire. The modular designs allow customization of lengths and configurations to meet specific project specifications. The luminaires allow adjustable 360-degree rotation for fine-tuning of the light distribution onsite. The Nano Linear Light [...]

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Product Monday: Industville Expands Commercial Table Lamp Collection

  Industville, a UK-based artisanal lighting manufacturer, recently expanded their table lamp collection, which now includes Ornate, Pillar Geometric, Wooden Geometric, and Marble Table Lamps. The lamps are ideal for commercial spaces, including hotels, restaurants, and retail spaces. The expanded collection offers a diverse selection of styles, materials, and finishes. Customers can choose from a range of [...]

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Product Monday: World’s First Light-Producing Window Shutters

Radiant Blinds LLC, a Texas-based manufacturer of window treatments, recently announced the launch of Lumina Shutters, the world’s first light-producing window shutters, designed to enhance the ambiance of any work or living environment. With integrated light-producing louvers, these shutters create an interplay of light and shadow, transforming residential and work settings into dynamic, inviting spaces. The [...]

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Product Monday: Barz + Brilliance By USG Ceilings Plus

  The ceiling systems industry has been gradually integrating LED lighting for some time. Now they are taking it to new heights (pun intended). Barz® + Brilliance™ is a single comprehensive linear solution from USG Ceilings Plus, with integrated lighting that is fully customizable. It’s a high-end custom solution offering static and color-tunable lighting features, [...]

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Product Monday: Category Growth For Artificial Skylights With “Sun”

The first company to produce an artificial skylight with a sun moving across a blue sky was CoeLux. The Italian company sprang from research by Founder, CEO, and scientist Prof. Paolo Di Trapani, in 2009. See image above. More information here. Since then, other companies have jumped into the category. Innerscene launched it’s first virtual [...]

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Product Monday: Verozza’s MODULINE Track System Is Both Minimalist & Feature-Rich

  Verozza’s MODULINE Low Voltage Track System excels at combining minimalist appearance with lots of value-added features. MODULINE is a 48V magnetic low-voltage track system that easily integrates general and accent lighting fixtures into a small, modular design. Fixtures attach magnetically into the 1” track for easy installation and design flexibility. The track can be [...]

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Product Monday: HYDREL FLAME Combines RGBW & Dual Beam Angles In One Luminaire

  HYDREL, an Acuity Brand, has created a new twist on RGBW architectural lighting. The new FLAME floodlight combines two RGBW beam angles in a single luminaire, creating a colored flame effect. The central beam can be one color, while the outer beam can be another color. The product is offered in three distributions (see [...]


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