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Product Monday: Minimis’s NICK Luminaire Is Less Than A Square Inch

LED luminaires have been getting smaller for a long time, but Minimis takes it to extremes, claiming the smallest luminaires in the world. A good example is their NICK luminaire, measuring in at less than a square inch. The Florida-based company describes NICK as a micro-minuscule luminaire, and the world’s smallest recessed directional luminaire designed [...]

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Product Monday: Virtual Sky With Moving Clouds

Artificial Sky offers a product, Virtual Sky, that utilizes LED luminaires which appear to be a blue sky with passing clouds overhead, birds flying, and sunrise and sunset effects. Virtual Sky can remotely change from overhead dimmable white task lighting to an ultra-realistic blue sky with moving clouds that mimic daylight entirely.

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Product Monday: Cooper Lighting Solutions Releases 3D Printed Decorative Pendants

Cooper Lighting Solutions introduces a pendant line using 3D printing technology, which allows for distinctive designs, textures, and shapes. The Shaper PRENTALUX brand, meaning “printed light,” includes 20 products with numerous texture and color choices, as well as multiple lumen outputs and color temperatures.

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Product Monday: Signify Halts Sales Of Philips Hue Lightguide Lamps After 3 Weeks

Only three weeks after launching it’s new Philips Hue Lightguide smart lamps, Signify halted sales and completely removed the new lamps from its website.

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Product Monday: New Line Of Air Disinfection + Lighting Products From ETi Solid State Lighting

ETi Solid State Lighting Inc. has introduced a new line of LED light fixtures proven to kill bacteria and viruses, including SARS-Cov-2, the virus that causes COVID-19. The SilentAire Plasma Disinfection Lighting product line provides innovative and safe air disinfection technology.

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Product Monday: Modern Forms’ MIES Chandelier Puts A Hex On You

Inspired by Ludwig Mies van der Rohe, one of the pioneers of modern architecture, this hexagonal chandelier nails the minimalist aesthetic while observing modern décor trends. Cutting-edge LED modules bring beautiful light into every setting, while ultra-thin aircraft cables connect the hexagon to a circular canopy for a subtle geometric contrast.

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Product Monday: iGuzzini Optic Combines Reflector with Light Guide Trim

One of the most interesting products that we found at ArchLIGHT Summit was the new Crystal line of linear recessed luminaires from iGuzzini. Their Opti Diamond optic dazzles. It combines the roles of a low-glare reflector for the LED sources while also behaving as a light guide trim that subtly illuminates the ceiling.

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Product Monday: StressCrete’s Decorative Streetlights & Poles Revitalize Main Street

In the Summer of 2021, StressCrete provided a turn-key solution to help revitalize Main Street in Fredericksburg, Texas, a small town in Texas Hill Country.

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Product Monday: A-Light’s Atom Luminaires Shines In Bio Incubator Hub

A-light’s Atom pendants were recently installed in the new Virginia Beach Bio Incubator Hub.

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Product Monday: Ubicquia Platform Creates Smart Cities With Existing Streetlights

Ubicquia has released two streetlight platforms designed for smart cities that integrates Wi-Fi, 4K cameras, directional microphones and neural artificial intelligence (AI) processors.


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