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How Autani-LiteTrace Does Lighting-HVAC Integration

The lighting controls industry continues to take small steps toward lighting-HVAC controls integration. This post will dig into the new Light Solutions Application Guide from Autani-LiteTrace and give a quick overview of their system’s approach and capabilities. As context, Autani (BMS) and LiteTrace (Keilton Bluetooth lighting controls) merged last year. The merger’s original motivation had [...]

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Look Out Graphene, Other 2D Nanosheets Are In Development

Graphene has long been hailed as the greatest material discovery with limitless potential. The reality is that graphene has seen some limited applications in electronics, solar panels, displays, clothing, helmets, bullet-proof armor, aircrafts, and shoes. I’ve written about graphene’s emergence in luminaire heat sinks and housings here. There are two new nanomaterial sheets making headlines: [...]

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Indications That 3 Degree Beam Angle LED Lights Are Coming

  The LED lighting revolution has been remarkable, but one of the areas where LED technology has struggled to match legacy sources is ultra-narrow beam angles. Halogen, plasma, and lasers were more ideal point sources for ultra-narrow spotlights. For a time, LED could only get down to about 20o beam angles, and more recently 10o [...]

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Product Monday: DMF’s Expanded 2-Inch X Series Downlights

  DMF Lighting, an architectural lighting manufacturer of modular LED downlighting systems, has expanded its 2-inch X Series modular downlighting collection to include Cross Beam Total Internal Reflection (TIR) Optics; a 500-lumen Ultra-Narrow light engine module; Pinhole and Hyperbolic trims; and extension collars for installation in thicker ceilings. The uniquely designed Cross Beam TIR Optics reducing glare [...]

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Biomimetic Propellers & Turbines Could Inform Ceiling Fans

Three recent announcements involve biomimicry to improve propeller and wind turbine designs. They all raise the question of whether these types of innovations could make their way to ceiling fan blade designs? Judge for yourself. ABB Dynafin Propeller Switzerland’s ABB Marine introduced a multi-blade Dynafin propulsion concept (see above). The innovative concept mimics the motions [...]

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Lighting Upgrades For 66 Major & Minor League Baseball Parks

  Over the past six years, both major and minor league baseball stadiums have been getting lighting upgrades to meet newer MLB lighting standards that also apply to the minor league parks (MiLB). To-date, more than 50 Minor League stadiums, and 16 Major League ballparks have upgraded to LED lighting that meets the MLB lighting [...]

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Product Monday: The cornerWall Lamp

  Tucked away in a cozy corner of the lighting industry is a company that specializes in lighting up a cozy corner of your home or office. The product is the cornerWall Lamp by cookieLight. CornerWall Lamps are wall sconces designed to be installed in a corner between two walls, and they primarily produce indirect [...]

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Product Monday: Superdupertube Hemp Luminaire

  Superdupertube is a linear LED luminaire with a housing made of hemp, considered a highly sustainable fiber. The product is a collaboration between a Swedish lighting manufacturer named ateljé Lyktan, and the product design firm Snøhetta. Hemp ended up being selected because of its durable fibers and minimal environmental impact, reducing CO2emissions by over 50% compared [...]

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Growth In Turtle-Friendly Tape Light

While turtle-friendly lighting isn’t new, there has been rapid growth in turtle-friendly tape light, from leading manufacturers. Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission (FWC) rated lighting can be Red, Orange, and Amber, without wavelengths below 560 nm. Some manufacturer examples include: Tivoli Lighting (released turtle-friendly tape light at LEDucation last week) Omni Light (found at [...]

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FLI’s Play Magnets Mini Track System Impressed

Each LEDucation, I’m fascinated by the handful of manufacturers showing micro luminaires. Last week, I saw fewer exhibitors with micro luminaires, but I may have just missed them. One that I did see and stop to speak with was an Italian manufacturer, FLI. They specialize in micro fixtures for the high-end retail and retail display [...]


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