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Lighting And Innovation Part 4: Present-Proofing

    By Clifton Stanley Lemon We humans are both cursed and blessed with an obsession with the future. It’s constantly amazing to me how much we crave narratives that predict the future and proceed to stick to them even in the face of direct and persistent evidence of their utter failure to predict. We’re [...]

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Edge AI Chips & The IoT Create The Complex Edge

  The lighting industry has become comfortable with the idea of internet connected (IoT) lighting that contains a computer chip in a luminaire for control, storing data, and communications. Buckle up, because “the edge” (computing within IoT devices) is about to get more complex with the addition of artificial intelligence (AI) computer chips at the [...]

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Product Monday: Touchless Switches With Microban Surface

radiant Wave Switch by Legrand. Image: Legrand. Legrand now offers touchless Wave Switches to reduce the spread of germs. Wave Switches allow users to turn lights (or small motors) on and off with a simple wave of their hand. Wave Switches install easily in place of an existing switch to offer clean and convenient control [...]

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6 Ways AI Is Changing E-Comm Lighting Product Photography

By Connor Moriarty, Studio Manager and David Shiller, Publisher In recent years, AI has started to make significant impacts in the world of lighting product photography. As businesses increasingly rely on compelling visuals to capture consumer attention, AI is poised to transform lighting product photography, offering unparalleled efficiency, accuracy, and creativity. Here are six ways [...]

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Shape-Projecting Headlights From Hyundai Mobis

    Several headlight manufacturers have demonstrated shape-projecting headlights. The latest to do so is Hyundai Mobis, a parts provider controlled by Hyundai. The goal is to improve nighttime driving safety by projecting text or images onto the road surface. It could also potentially warn pedestrians of hazards. The lighting system is connected to a [...]

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The Emergence Of AC COB Tape Light

  Chinese factories have begun producing line voltage (120VAC) COB tape light after a couple years of promises that it was coming. AC COB tape light has all of the benefits of COB tape (no pixilated dots) and no separate brick driver/power supply to hide. U.S. manufacturers have been promising it is in the works, [...]

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ALA Releases Consumer Guidance Document About Socketed Vs. Integrated LED Fixtures

The ALA Engineering Committee recently released a guidance document designed to assist residential consumers in understanding the differences between socketed and integrated LED light fixtures. The document, created by members of the ALA Engineering Committee, is designed to assist consumers in navigating the purchase process, by explaining which factors are important to consider in socketed and integrated LED [...]

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Product Monday: Self-Cleaning Solar Street Light

  The only product at LightFair that caught my eye from over 30 yards away was a self-cleaning solar street light from a Chinese factory called Sresky. The product family is named Thermos, and it is available in a variety of sizes, wattages, and outputs (4,000 – 12,000 lumens). This product family is also part [...]

Energy + Environment, Products + Technology

Electrification Impacts On Lighting, Part 2: EVCs & New Products

  At LightFair, last week, I was part of a panel presenting the impacts of electrification on the lighting industry. This article is Part 2 about EV chargers and other electrification products being sold by the lighting industry. One of the widely seen impacts of electrification on the lighting industry has been the selling of [...]

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WAC-STRUT Adds A Framing Projector

An interesting find at LightFair, last week, was the new Stealth Framing Projector added to the WAC-STRUT power, light, and control uninterrupted busway system. LightNOW first wrote about the WAC-STRUT system back in August, 2020, here. At LightFair, the new Stealth Framing Projector was featured as a option for lighting art and collectibles. The Projector [...]


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