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Products + Technology

Products + Technology

What To Know About Lithium Iron Phosphate Batteries

  Battery technology is evolving from Nickel Metal Hydride and Nickel Cadmium to a variety of Lithium-Ion battery chemistries. One of the most promising lithium-ion-derived chemistries is the Lithium Iron Phosphate battery (LiFePO4). The two categories of lighting that most employ batteries are emergency lighting and solar lighting. Both of these categories are gradually transitioning [...]

Products + Technology

Product Monday: MetroSpec Technology’s FlexRad BoardOnCoil (BOC) Minnie Win’s BrightStar Award

  MetroSpec Technology has won a BrightStar Award from LEDs Magazine for its spot light module, FlexRad BoardOnCoil Minnie. It’s innovative thermal management consists of direct bonding of a copper coil and easy air flow through the center of the assembly. The FlexRad BOC Minnie can be used for pendant downlights, spot lights, sconces, acrylic [...]

Lighting Industry, Products + Technology

Which Manufacturers Still Sell Fluorescent & HID Product Lines

In late April, Acuity Brands announced the discontinuation of all fluorescent and HID luminaires by December 31st, 2023. This isn’t terribly surprising given the recent laws to ban fluorescent and in some cases, HID lamps by Vermont, California, Canada, the EU, and the UK. More U.S. states are proposing to pass mercury lamp bans. This [...]

Lighting Industry, Products + Technology

Lighting and Innovation Part 3: It Takes a Platform

By Clifton Stanley Lemon How many designers does it take to change a lightbulb? Answer: Does it have to be a light bulb? While this old joke lampoons the legendary persnickety design thinking personified by Steve Jobs and others, the response is quite valid. Who in the lighting industry today is asking this question or [...]

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Product Monday: Bluetooth Goes Long-Range And Outdoors

An increasing number of manufacturers of Bluetooth® wireless lighting control components have recently released long-range / outdoor components. Some examples include: LiteTrace Casambi McWong in partnership with Silvair These long-range components can include: fixture controllers, sensors, and signal boosters. Most of these manufacturers utilize external antennas to achieve ranges between 500 to 1,000 feet between [...]

Products + Technology, Research

Researchers Develop Translucent Aerogel Bricks For Loadbearing Walls

  Glass blocks have been utilized for many decades to create translucent walls or wall sections. However, glass block is not able to create loadbearing walls and is not a good insulating material. A group of Swiss researchers have developed a new aerogel-filled translucent brick that is both highly insulating and can create load-bearing walls. [...]

Products + Technology

Product Monday: Aquafire Makes “Fire” With Water Vapor + LEDs

  Aquafire by Lumina Products gives a new meaning to “lighting a fire!” The company has perfected water vapor flames illuminated by colored LEDs. Aquafire generates a water vapor mist that is gently pushed with fans from the mist chamber to the top of the unit through a diffuser vent. The vapor is then backlit [...]

Products + Technology, Research

Bladeless Ceiling Fans?

In February, I published a story about whether a new trend in toroidal propellers could lead to toroidal ceiling fan blades, here. This article became one of the most viewed LightNOW posts of the past year, garnering 10 times the views of a typical post. As a follow up, let’s explore the trend of bladeless ceiling [...]

Products + Technology, Research

Researchers Demonstrate Light Filtering Windows That Biomimic Squid Skin

Researchers at the University of Toronto demonstrated a window technology that utilizes multiple layers of plastic sheets that can be filled with different pigments to selectively filter infrared (IR) heat and/or visible light. This approach has the potential to dramatically reduce HVAC energy requirements for buildings. Different layers within the prototype window filter out infrared [...]

Products + Technology, Research

Lumens Develops Stacked R-G-B Micro-LEDs

Korean micro-LED manufacturer, Lumens, announced in January, the development of R-G-B micro-LEDs grown in a stack, on a single wafer / substrate (aka monolithic). The benefits of this approach include reducing the transfer process by two-thirds, reducing costs, and increasing productivity. The first applications for this technology are the micro-LED display markets, including TV, AR, [...]


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