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Products + Technology

Near Field Communication Enabling Wireless Field-Programmable Drivers

In August, I wrote about Zhaga Book 25, “NFC Readers with Bluetooth Interface for In-Field Programming.”  Since then, more manufacturers have been introducing drivers with Near Field Communication (NFC) that allows a mobile device to field-program the drivers. One example is LEDVANCE’s new line of TapTronic Field-programmable NFC LED Drivers.  They are Field-programmable via LEDVANCE’s [...]

Products + Technology

Product Monday: Minimis’s NICK Luminaire Is Less Than A Square Inch

LED luminaires have been getting smaller for a long time, but Minimis takes it to extremes, claiming the smallest luminaires in the world. A good example is their NICK luminaire, measuring in at less than a square inch. The Florida-based company describes NICK as a micro-minuscule luminaire, and the world’s smallest recessed directional luminaire designed [...]

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Roku Launches Smart Lighting And Other Smart Home Products

Roku has expanded into the smart home space with white and colored smart bulbs, a Roku lightstrip, Roku smart plug, Roku indoor and outdoor security cams, Roku home video doorbell & chime, and a Roku panning cam. The products look similar to the Wyze‘s Cam v3, Cam Pan V2, Bulb Color and other products. The [...]

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Partnership Brings AR & 3D Technology To Lighting Manufacturers And Showrooms

LEVAR, a leading provider of Augmented Reality (AR) and 3D “View in your space” technologies, and the Lighting Showroom Association (LSA), announce the launch of their partnership platform to bring AR and 3D technologies to the residential lighting and fan industry. Through the LSA Augmented Reality program, LEVAR provides LSA member showrooms and manufacturers with the ability [...]

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The Status Of Quantum-Dot LEDs

Quantum-dot LEDs (QD-LEDs) are based on quantum dots (QDs), semiconductor particles just a few nanometers in size. Because of their extremely small size, their behaviour is governed by quantum mechanics. By ‘exciting’ quantum dots with electricity or driving radiation, they can be induced to emit light, the color of which is determined by the size [...]

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What Is Ultra Wideband And What Could It Mean For Lighting?

Ultra Wideband (UWB) is a wireless communication protocol that operates over short distances, much like Wi-Fi and Bluetooth. What makes it different is that the technology operates in the higher frequency bands of radio waves and across a wide bandwidth, hence the name. It has some useful and unique abilities, such as being able to [...]

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IES Publishes The 2022 Progress Report Recognizing Industry Innovation

The IES Progress Committee has published its selection of 81 products, design tools, and publications for the 2022 IES Progress Report

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Laser Surface Finishing Technology Creates Bio-Inspired, Optical Functional Surfaces

German company Fusion Bionic’s laser technology improves the surface performance of products, applications, and components using their new DLIP – Direct Laser Interference Patterning.

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Product Monday: Virtual Sky With Moving Clouds

Artificial Sky offers a product, Virtual Sky, that utilizes LED luminaires which appear to be a blue sky with passing clouds overhead, birds flying, and sunrise and sunset effects. Virtual Sky can remotely change from overhead dimmable white task lighting to an ultra-realistic blue sky with moving clouds that mimic daylight entirely.

Products + Technology

Product Monday: Cooper Lighting Solutions Releases 3D Printed Decorative Pendants

Cooper Lighting Solutions introduces a pendant line using 3D printing technology, which allows for distinctive designs, textures, and shapes. The Shaper PRENTALUX brand, meaning “printed light,” includes 20 products with numerous texture and color choices, as well as multiple lumen outputs and color temperatures.


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