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Tweener: Eliminating Poles From Tennis Court Lighting

  A fun find at LEDucation was Tweener. As I walked by their table, I looked over for the one-second scan to put them in a category, and I was stumped. I had to stop and hear the pitch. Tweener is an alternative way to light tennis and pickleball courts. It uses linear LED fixtures [...]

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Product Monday: Two Current Products With Innovative Finishes

While many bemoan the end of rapid LED chip innovation, LEDucation once again showed that there are a 100 new technology innovations finding their way into the lighting industry. Of course, you have to keep your eyes and mind open to spot them. Two of my favorite examples at LEDucation were incorporated into two new [...]

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DarkSky Approved Residential Luminaires

  You’re likely familiar with DarkSky Approved luminaires for commercial applications. However, DarkSky also approves residential luminaries. In both cases, the program approves outdoor luminaires that minimize light pollution as well as negative impacts on people and wildlife. DarkSky requirements for residential luminaires include: Uplight allowance: Not to exceed 50 lumens from source reflection or [...]

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Product Monday: Award-Winning High Bay For High Heat & Dirt

    NaturaLED’s Millwright Industrial Round High Bay was recognized with inclusion in the 2023 IES Progress Report, an annual publication dedicated to recognizing significant contributions to the lighting industry. The Millwright High Bay was selected because it is an innovative solution to high heat, dirty industrial environments such as steel mills, paper plants, glass [...]

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Product Monday: Evluma’s RoadMax RX3 Delivers Unique Value-Added Features

Evluma recently announced the release of their most powerful streetlight model, the RoadMax RX3. I dug into the features and found some of them very interesting: Photocontrol Failsafe: Evluma created a redundancy in their fixtures’ time of day operation that eliminates the problem of a failed photosensor requiring a costly bucket truck repair. Photocontrol Failsafe [...]

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Seaweed Bioplastic Packaging Comes To Market

    Soon California will be banning most petroleum-based plastic packaging from being shipped with products into the state. Five other states have EPR or packaging laws. More information here and here. This will require alternatives to most plastic packaging and foams. I’ve begun covering some bio-based plastic alternatives. See here. In this context, meet [...]

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OLEDWorks Announces New Automotive Brand, Atala

  For a couple years, OLEDWorks has been developing and supplying cutting edge OLED tail lights to Audi. These tail lights go beyond indicating breaking. They also provide symbols alerting drivers behind the tail lights of accidents, construction, other road hazards, and personalization of the tail lights, by the owner. More information on the latest [...]

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Lighted Mirrors A Major Trend At January Lightovation

  One of the big trends at January Lightovation, reported by multiple sources, was lighted mirrors. While lighted mirrors go back to the days of linear fluorescent lamps, the variety, features, and popularity of LED lit mirrors is growing very fast. Decorative lighting manufacturers showing lighted mirrors at January Lightovation include Eurofase (image above), Oxygen, [...]

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Delivering 5G Cellular Service Indoors By Beaming Wireless Power & LiFi Through Window Glass

As someone who suffers with poor quality, rural, cellular internet at my home-office, I’m unusually aware of the limitations of cell service to deliver data services indoors. And for all of 5G’s touted speed, 5G signals don’t go through building walls well (especially mmWave 5G). A typical solution that I’m considering is mounting a cellular [...]

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More LED Chip Manufacturers Producing Laser Diodes

A few LED chip manufacturers have produced laser diodes for some time, including: Nichia, Ushio, and the Soraa Inc spin out SLD Laser that was later acquired by Kyocera and rebranded Kyocera SLD Laser. The most recent example is Luminus Devices. On January 30th, 2024, Luminus Devices announced the launch of green and blue laser [...]


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