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NEMA Luminaire Section UGR Task Force Chair Jeremy Yon Talks Glare Metrics

I recently had the opportunity to interview Jeremy Yon, Industry Relations Leader, GE Current, a Daintree company, and Chair of the NEMA Luminaire Section UGR Task Force, on the topic of application of the Unified Glare Rating (UGR) metric. Transcript follows.

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New Lighting Designer Directory Published By

Last month, lighting industry news website,, published a new Lighting Designer Directory. To find out more about this new industry resource, I interviewed Al Uszynski, Editor & Publisher of

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IES BIM Committee Seeks Online Votes For Two Proposed Autodesk Revit Lighting Features

The IES BIM Committee is requesting help. Have you been unhappy with the process of documenting lighting in BIM software, specifically Revit? Do you wish there were features that the software had to make the lighting workflow more compatible with those of other trades?

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Designing Lighting Magazine Publishes Listing Of Lighting Design & Lighting Product Awards + Winners

Designing Lighting Magazine, a leading publication about the business of lighting design, has published a database of global lighting design and lighting product awards, as well as the winners of those awards.

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New NEMA White Paper On The History, Proper & Inproper Uses of UGR

The National Electrical Manufacturers Association (NEMA) published NEMA LS 20001-2021, White Paper on Unified Glare Rating (UGR). This new white paper explains the original intent of UGR, its proper uses, and common misuses.

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Telling a Story with Lighting Design

In this engaging video, Jonathan Hoyle and Lillian Knoerzer, Assoc. IALD of The Lighting Practice emphasize the importance of a story in the design process. They explore how lighting can reinforce the design narrative and enhance the user experience of the space.

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Design Firm’s Whitepaper Describes The Lighting Design Process

Design firm Light Plan Design, Inc. recently published a whitepaper on its website describing its perspective of the the lighting design process.

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Lessons Learned from Post Occupancy Evaluations

In this article published at lighting design and engineering firm Clanton Associates, April Corey presents key lessons learned from conducting at more than 20 post-occupancy evaluations at large commercial buildings.

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Beautiful Light by Whitehead and Lemon Released by Routledge Taylor & Francis Group

Beautiful Light: An Insider’s Guide to LED Lighting for Homes and Gardens, written by lighting designer Randall Whitehead and industry educator Clifton Stanley Lemon, has been published by Routledge Taylor & Francis. This book connects LED lighting technology with the tents of good residential lighting design.

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Achieving Better Measurement of Discomfort from Glare

The prevalence of LED lighting has brought greater attention to the issue of discomfort produced by glare. At what luminance does glare become intolerable?


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