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It Matters: CSA Releases The Matter 1.0 Interoperability Standard For Smart Home IoT

The Connectivity Standards Alliance (CSA) released the Matter 1.0 specification and the opening of the Matter certification program on October 4th.

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Signify’s WIZ Now Offers Motion-Detection Without Sensors

Signify has introduced a new app, features, and products for its WiZ smart lighting system to enhance convenience. The new offerings include SpaceSense™, a motion detection technology for the lighting system that doesn’t require any sensor to be installed.


The Paradigm Shift In Controls

C. Webster Marsh authored an interesting article about the latest paradigm shift in lighting control design. Lighting controls have moved from on-off to dimming, to color-tuning and/or color-changing, and now to circuit dependent or independent, as control signals moved beyond line voltage wiring for both wired & wireless controls.

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“The Why” of Toggled iQ Networked Lighting Controls

In July, I wrote an article about a LightFair product demonstration that I received from Toggled, of their new wireless smart lighting platform, Toggled iQ. In that story, I focused on the various components (sensors, controllers, smart TLEDs, etc.), and the performance capabilities of those components.

What I didn’t cover was the question of why invest the additional time and money in a wireless networked lighting control system, like Toggled iQ.

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Product Monday: Ubicquia Platform Creates Smart Cities With Existing Streetlights

Ubicquia has released two streetlight platforms designed for smart cities that integrates Wi-Fi, 4K cameras, directional microphones and neural artificial intelligence (AI) processors.

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Product Monday: Pharos Architectural Controls Transform Ely Cathedral

As part of the Church of England’s commitment to being carbon neutral by 2030, renovations are being undertaken at the historic Ely Cathedral in East Cambridgeshire, England. To help achieve this, the lighting at Ely Cathedral is currently being upgraded to a more energy-efficient and sustainable system. 

Codes + Standards, Controls

New Zhaga Books Address In-Field Programming Of Smart Lighting

In February, 2022, Zhaga approved Book 25 “NFC Readers with Bluetooth Interface for In-Field Programming”. This new Zhaga specification defines a Bluetooth Low Energy communication protocol for the communication between the field-maintenance application on a smart device and the Near Field Communication (NFC) reader.

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Big Activity With U.S. Computer Chip Manufacturing

Many LED drivers, luminaire controllers, and lighting control systems rely on computer chips. The COVID-19 pandemic created major disruptions to the global computer chip supply, affecting everything from cars to computers to all types of consumer electronic products.

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Award-Winning Controller + Antenna Extends Bluetooth Range To 900 Feet

McWong’s TruBlu Bluetooth mesh Fixture Controller with Long Range Antenna won two prestigious Innovation Awards at LightFair: The Technical Innovation Award and a Control Components & Hardware Category Award.

Controls, Products + Technology

Product Monday: Toggled iQ – Networked Lighting Controls With Sophisticated Simplicity

At LightFair (LFI). David met with Dan Hollenkamp, COO of Toggled. Dan provided a product demonstration of their advanced, yet simple, wireless networked lighting control system, Toggled iQ.


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