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LED Upgrade Options for HID Luminaires

Below is my contribution to the June issue of tED Magazine on the topic of LED upgrade options for HID luminaires. Reprinted with permission. As a popular light source for industrial, retail, public space, parking garage and outdoor area and roadway applications, high-intensity discharge (HID) lamps represent an enormous installed lighting base. LED technology has […]

Product Monday: LED Retrofit Kit by Eaton

Eaton’s Metalux Cruze LED Retrofit Kit is an energy-efficient solution featuring simple and quick installation for customers wanting to easily upgrade from fluorescent luminaires to LED technology without the need to install a new fixture. Eaton’s LED retrofit kit utilizes the existing fluorescent luminaire’s housing to save on the cost of purchasing a complete fixture, […]

Product Monday: pr1meFX by Tempo

Tempo Industries, LLC’s pr1meFX is a linear LED system designed to provide primary general lighting from a cove via indirect distribution. Using a patent-pending optical system, it directs over 85% of the light emission from the cove into the space. The pr1meFX system is suitable for new construction and existing coves. It will also be […]

Product Monday: Seem 2 and Seem 4 Asymmetric by Focal Point

Focal Point recently expanded its Seem family with the introduction of two new LED luminaires: Seem 2 Asymmetric and Seem 4 Asymmetric. Available in 2.5″ and 4″ apertures respectively, these linear luminaires are designed to provide even vertical illumination on walls. A flush frosted acrylic lens delivers a sleek aesthetic and provides uninterrupted illumination. Multiple […]

Product Monday: Soraa Sky Lamp for Consumer Market

Soraa’s consumer-focused full-spectrum Soraa Sky lamp, formerly named Helia, dynamically adjusts color and spectral content to promote circadian health. Customized preferences can be set through the Soraa Sky app on iOS and Android smartphones. Soraa’s lamps communicate over existing electrical wires using HomePlug GreenPHY technology, with no router required. The lamp’s modular SNAP system provides […]

Product Monday: Circus by Resident

Released at Milan 2017, New Zealand-based Resident Studio’s Circus is a system of interconnected rings, which can be arranged in sequence to create a theatrical and flexible visual and illumination element. Each brass ring emits diffused warm light outwards around a 360-degree plane. Click here to learn more. Circus Light by Resident Studio from Resident […]

Product Monday: Directional Luminaires by Soraa

Soraa now offers directional luminaires under the Soraa Arc family. The offering includes track, pendant, downlight and surface-mounted designs as well as with luminaire SNAP accessories including trims, Snoot and wall washes in a variety of colors. Color temperatures include 2700K, 3000K and 4000K. All Arc luminaires feature Soraa VIVID COB light engines with full […]

OLED Update

My contribution to the May issue of ELECTRICAL CONTRACTOR provides an update on the development of OLED technology, highlighting two Department of Energy (DOE) reports. Check it out here.

Product Monday: LF Wall Light by FX Luminaire

FX Luminaire’s LF wall light now features ZDC Technology, enabling the luminaire to produce up to 30,000 colors along with dimming and zoning. The low profile, soft color, and muted tone of the LF allow it to accent hardscapes without drawing attention to the luminaire. Moreover, the proximity of the luminaire to the hardscape allows […]

DLC Releases Technical Requirements V4.2

The DesignLights Consortium (DLC) recently announced the release of Technical Requirements V4.2 for solid-state lighting products, affecting qualification for listing in the Qualified Products List. From the DLC website: New Testing and Reporting Requirements for Hazardous Location Lighting Under the V4.2 requirements, products applying to a Specialty Use designation with a Hazardous descriptor must undergo […]