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Sports Lighting 101

Below is my contribution to the August issue of tED Magazine on the topic of sports lighting. Reprinted with permission. Since 2000, an average 60 percent of Americans have identified themselves as a sports fan, according to Gallup. In 2016, U.S. construction spending on amusement and recreation facilities (not including those built as part of […]

What’s New in Retail Lighting

RETAIL ENVIRONMENTS recently published an interesting article about how retail lighting is changing in the LED era. It appears we need to go on hammering the basics–layering with light, integrating light and architecture, and so on–while talking about the extraordinary new possibilities in lighting with LED technology. Click here to read it.

Troffers: Retrofit or Replace?

Below is my contribution to the May issue of tED Magazine. Reprinted with permission. More than 360 million troffers provide general lighting in commercial buildings, according to the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE). Fluorescent remains the most predominant light source. The development of LED lighting, however, has created a major retrofit opportunity. “At a base […]

Classroom Lighting 101

Below is an application story I wrote for the May issue of tED Magazine. Reprinted with permission. As of November 2016, put-in-place construction spending in the United States reached $82 billion, a 6.3-percent increase over 2015. After power and highway and street construction, educational facilities are the largest construction market in the country. Today, nearly […]

Hubbell’s Andy Miles on Outdoor Lighting Trends

I recently had the pleasure of interviewing Andy Miles, Director of Product Marketing, Outdoor Lighting for Hubbell Lighting. The topic: trends in outdoor area lighting. I’m happy to share her responses with you here. The interview informed an article I wrote for the April 2017 issue of tED Magazine. DiLouie: What are the top trends […]

Eaton Announces Winners of the 40th Annual SOURCE Awards Lighting Design Competition

Eaton has announced the winners of the 40th Annual SOURCE Awards lighting design competition. The winners were recognized on Monday, May 8 at LIGHTFAIR International 2017 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Six professional awards and seven student awards were presented. The annual competition, which began in 1977, focuses on furthering the understanding, knowledge and function of lighting […]

IES Publishes Research on LED LDD

LED area and roadway lighting promises energy and maintenance cost savings, but the longevity of the LED light source presents a hitch. Traditionally, luminaires are cleaned upon relamping. If relamping does not occur, dirt buildup becomes a more important maintenance factor. That being said, it is claimed LED luminaires are less prone to dirt accumulation. […]

Trends in Outdoor Lighting

Below is my contribution to the April issue of tED Magazine. Reprinted with permission. Outdoor lighting has proven a key market for LED sources due to their durability, directionality, efficiency, longevity, color and optical control. While metal halide and high-pressure sodium remain predominant in the installed outdoor lighting base, LED has captured a majority of […]

LightingEurope and IALD Issue Joint Statement on Humancentric Lighting

LightingEurope and the International Association of Lighting Designers (IALD) have issued a joint statement on humancentric lighting. The statement seeks to define humancentric lighting and its benefits and elements. Humancentric lighting is viewed within the context of delivering certain benefits of light to specific applications and users. The elements are broken down into technical and […]

Hubbell’s Greg Ortt on Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design

At the 2016 IES Street & Area Lighting Conference, Greg Ortt, southeast sales manager for Hubbell Control Solutions, presented on the topic of the concept of Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design. This concept crosses disciplines in design, operations and maintenance to minimize elements in an outdoor space’s design that may inherently pose security risks. Lighting […]